Can FORD's 2024 Mustang, Priced at 23.98-35.98 Million, Satisfy Global EV Consumers?

On December 10th, 2023, the 2024 model of FORD electric Mustang officially hit the market. The suggested retail price for the new car ranges from 239,800 CNY to 359,800 CNY. Simultaneously embodying the performance gene of the Mustang series, the new electric Mustang version had a comprehensive upgrade in its battery system, significantly enhancing the vehicle’s endurance capacity and power performance. In addition, the new model comes standard with the BlueCruise Intelligent Driving 1.2 system, adding multiple safety assistance features to improve driving safety.

In terms of design, the new electric Mustang retains the classic design elements of the Mustang series, such as the distinctive “shark nose” front face and three-column LED taillight, featuring a popular sedan-like SUV body style, and a wheelbase of 2984mm. The GT Storm Edition serves as special edition, paying homage to the classic Mustang Twister, incorporating unique colors and design details. The interior also offers new color options to cater to the personalization needs of various consumers.

To optimize the vehicle’s handling performance, the new electric Mustang underwent meticulous tuning via the race track simulator, realizing a nearly ideal weight distribution between the front and rear suspension (close to 50:50). It also uses aluminum alloy suspension and ultra-high-strength steel materials to enhance the rigidity of the vehicle structure. The vehicle offers three different driving modes to adapt to various driving scenarios. The GT model is specially equipped with P Zero high-performance tires and red Brembo-branded front brake calipers to improve its sport performance.

In terms of power, the new electric Mustang is equipped with FORD’s independently developed “1T40” three-in-one electric drive system, wherein the maximum output power of the GT model reaches 359kW and the maximum torque is 860 N・m, enabling the model to accelerate from zero to a hundred kilometers in just 3.57 seconds. In battery technology, the new generation of CTP lithium iron phosphate battery pack, developed in collaboration with CATL, is capable of achieving a range over 600 kilometers with a maximum range up to 700 kilometers and a combined fuel consumption controlled at 12.4kWh per hundred kilometers. The vehicle also comes with a new generation BMS battery management system to ensure the stability and safety of the battery.

In terms of intelligent technology configuration, the new Mustang is equipped with a cockpit platform of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip and SYNC®+2.0 Intelligent Driving Interconnect System. It supports wireless CarPlay and provides a variety of scenario-based card services, including camping and commuting modes, to enhance the user experience.

Regarding safety performance, the new Mustang adopts measures to prevent heat diffusion in battery pack design. The battery pack casing has undergone strength extrusion testing and salt spray erosion testing, all meeting high industry standards. The body structure uses 1700MPa ultra-high strength steel materials, and in authoritative international IIHS, E-NCAP and C-IASI crash tests, it has received high ratings, fully demonstrating the superiority of this model in safety performance. These features collectively ensure the competitiveness of the new Mustang in the new energy vehicle market, and we look forward to the Mustang’s subsequent market performance.

This article is a translation by AI of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email