Will LEVC's Futuristic MPV L380 Reinforce Its Market Position?

Recently, the LEVC brand under the Geely Group has released the design images of its new MPV model, codenamed “L380”.

Reportedly, the L380 uses the Space-Oriented Architecture (SOA) recently launched by LEVC, which was officially released in the UK this May. The core feature of the SOA structure lies in its high flexibility and scalability, boasting large bandwidth and a 75% high cabin rate. The wheelbase can be flexibly adjusted within the range of 3,000 mm to 3,800 mm to accommodate different models and market needs.

The exterior design of the new L380 model showcases a modern and refined style, including a closed front grille, through-type LED strips, and split headlights. These design elements together give the vehicle a futuristic-looking appearance. For the interior, the L380 is likely to offer a three-row, six-seat layout providing spacious and comfortable passenger space.

LEVC is a key brand in Geely’s global strategy focusing on the research and development of spatial innovation technologies and capable of sharing the global supply chain resources of the Geely Group. This not only helps LEVC maintain its leading position in product development but also lends robust support to its product’s global layout.

With the fast development of the new energy vehicle market, the launch of LEVC’s new MPV model L380 is expected to further enhance its competitive strength in this market segment.

This article is a translation by AI of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email bd@42how.com.