GEELY Galaxy E8: First to get 6D Electric Safety Certificate?

The China Automotive Technology & Research Center recently awarded the first domestic New Energy Vehicle 6D Electric Safety Technology System Certification to the GEELY Galaxy E8. This certification signifies that the GEELY Galaxy E8 is the first new energy vehicle to pass through a comprehensive electric safety technology evaluation system that includes charging, electromagnetism, functionality, high voltage, batteries, and fire safety.

This evaluation system, released by the China Automotive Center, aims to enhance the safety performance of new energy vehicles comprehensively. The verification process covers 16 essential certification projects and includes over 1000 meticulous testing standards to ensure the vehicle’s electric safety performance under various usage conditions. Not only does this test consider a vehicle’s safety performance during regular use, but it also covers its safety performance under special circumstances – this includes the anti-scratch ability of the battery system’s bottom, the efficiency of passenger emergency evacuation, and the vehicle’s firefighting capabilities.

Furthermore, this system also takes into account the protection of users with implanted medical devices. By conducting an electromagnetic interference performance test, it ensures that the vehicle’s safety impact on this special population is minimized during use. The GEELY Galaxy E8 performed excellently in all sub-tests and successfully passed certification.

The GEELY Galaxy E8, based on the SEA framework, is equipped with various safety features, including a TWB laser welding integrated boron steel door ring, a battery collision partition, a force transmission structure, an aluminium alloy collision beam, and body torsion rigidity. This represents its in-depth consideration in vehicle safety design. The vehicle is also equipped with the new generation BMS smart battery management system and the monitoring function of the Star Rui Smart Calculation Center, which further enhances the safety management capability of the battery and the entire car.

Through this certification, the GEELY Galaxy E8 has set a new benchmark in new energy vehicle safety performance, providing an essential reference for industry development and consumer safety use. With the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry, this kind of comprehensive safety technology evaluation system will play a crucial role in improving the safety standards of the entire industry.

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