Is GACGROUP's HYCAN Next Big Thing in Electric MPVs?

At the Guangzhou International Auto Show in 2023, HYCAN, an eye-catching division of GACGROUP, presented its first pure electric MPV model V09, as well as the latest upgraded version A06 PLUS.

Being a joint venture between GACGROUP and Pearl River Investment Management Group, HYCAN has developed car models including Z03, A06, and the newly debuted V09 since its establishment, all of which are manufactured in the Hangzhou factory. By concentrating on independent research and development, the company has made significant achievements over its full three years of steady operations. Notably, HYCAN has launched the H-GEA global pure electric architecture, and developed the H-VIP 3.0 intelligent interactive system, reflecting their persistent pursuit of technological innovation.

The market layout of HYCAN also deserves attention. To date, HYCAN has established over 200 experience centers and more than 280 after-sales service points nationwide, plus a comprehensive network of charging facilities to support the usage needs of new energy vehicles. It’s noteworthy that over 2 million users have registered on the HYCAN APP community, reflecting to some extent the market acceptance and customer base of the brand.

Furthermore, the focal point of the showroom, the V09 model, is fitted with HYCAN’s independently-developed all-day intelligent active suspension system and includes a 9-gear tweaking mode, undoubtedly enhancing the driving experience.

At the same time, the launch of the A06 PLUS has drawn much attention. Earmarked at an official guiding price of 139,800 yuan, it is offered with a limited-time discount from November 17th to December 31st. The A06 PLUS, targeted towards young consumers, boasts a superior intelligent configuration with a Qualcomm 8155 chip and a 14.6-inch high-definition touch screen.

Overall, the performance of HYCAN at this Auto Show not only demonstrates the latest accomplishments of its brand development but also its commitment and capability to continuously delve into the field of new energy vehicles. In the future, HYCAN is expected to occupy a more significant position in the domestic new energy vehicle market.

This article is a translation by AI of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email