Can AION Y Plus Shake Up the EV Modification Market?

At this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show, AION launched the AION Y Plus trendy wilderness edition, not only enriching its product line but also further expanding the company’s layout in the emerging electric vehicle modification market. AION’s move reflects the growing demand for personalization and differentiation in the new energy vehicle industry, especially among post-90s and post-95s consumer groups.

With the maturity of new energy vehicle technology and consumers’ pursuit of vehicle individualization, the modification market is showing a booming development trend. The flexibility of electric vehicles in physical structure and the improvement of intelligence level provide a broader space for modification. In this context, the Pure Electric Trendy Modification CLUB established by AION aims to build a platform for modification services and exchanges, and has attracted more than 100,000 users to join.

Positioned as an electric SUV with personalized features, the AION Y Plus trendy wilderness edition is very approachable with a guide price of 145,800 yuan. The model offers a variety of wheel rim size options, spacious interior space, and a range of up to 610 kilometers, meeting the dual needs of consumers for space and endurance.

In terms of design, the trendy wilderness edition uses winged front grilles, blade rear bumpers, whirlwind wheel hubs, and armor luggage racks, which not only enhance the vehicle’s appearance but also increase its practicality. It is worth mentioning that the factory accessories come with a warranty, and the modified vehicles do not need to go through additional registration procedures, which to a certain extent reduces the consumer’s worries.

Furthermore, AION’s smart ecological factory provides support for customized production with a variety of model and configuration combination options. The company’s supply chain and the ability to apply AI technology provide strong guarantees for the production of modified parts and the efficiency of modified plan output.

Looking forward, AION plans to launch more new models with official modifications to further meet the market’s demand for individualization and differentiation. Through co-creation with users, AION is committed to promoting the development of the modification culture, which not only brings new growth points to the company but also provides new ideas for the diversity and innovation of the entire new energy vehicle industry.

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