AITO M7's Astonishing Launch: 7,000 Orders in One Day?

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AITO M7 Astonishing First Sale, Breaking 7,000 Units in One Day

During the National Day festival, AITO M7 silently taught all car manufacturers a lesson with continuous record-breaking daily orders, which came as quite a surprise to the auto industry.

Just by renewing a single car type with a new price and timed discount, they achieved an exaggeratively high store order quantity.

In the widely circulated WeChat Moment of Yu Chengdong himself, Yu described this situation as a “miracle”, a “resurrection from the dead”. It is clear that even AITO and Huawei did not anticipate this event.

Quick Comments:

Judging by the reactions of many automobile bloggers and practitioners, this situation does not seem to be predictable by the rules of the ‘car circle’.

AITO M7 primarily attracts not necessarily the car-savvy users who know and have driven many cars, but rather more ordinary users. Their knowledge of cars is not high nor does it need to be, they are merely moved by Huawei’s influence, Huawei’s sales strategy, and the latest promotional intelligent driving capabilities, and are willing to pay for it. The key point may still revolve around the brand.

Furthermore, such a situation may not happen only once in the future.

September Delivery Volume from Various Brands Released

In September, NIO delivered 15,641 new cars, a year-on-year increase of 43.8%.

In the third quarter, NIO delivered a total of 55,432 new cars, a year-on-year increase of 75.4%, achieving a new high in quarterly delivery volume.

From January to September 2023, NIO delivered a total of 109,993 new cars. To date, NIO has delivered a total of 399,549 new cars.

In September, Xpeng Motors delivered 15,310 units.

Of which, G6 deliveries reached 8,132 units, with the total third-quarter deliveries exceeding 40,000 units; and together with the remodeled G9 and P5, achieving a monthly delivery volume of over 20,000 units does not seem far off.

In September 2023, LI delivered 36,060 units.

This sets a new record for monthly delivery volume, with monthly orders surpassing 40,000 units. As of September 30, 2023, LI Auto’s cumulative delivery volume for the third quarter is 105,108 units, a year-on-year increase of 296.3%, the cumulative annual delivery volume has reached 244,225 units.

According to the latest CCTV report on the LI factory program, LI’s production capacity might hit 40,000 units in the next few months.

The September sales battle report from GAC was released.

In September 2023, AION delivered a total of 51,596 new cars, a year-on-year increase of 72%. The cumulative sales volume from January to September increased by 93% compared to the same period.
The Hyper SSR is set for official release on October 9, with presale prices previously set at 1.286 million yuan, and track versions presold at 1.686 million yuan.

DEEPAL’s vehicle delivery in September amounted to 17,370 units.

Notably, the DEEPAL S7, on the market for two months, has consistently delivered over ten thousand units.

ZEEKR delivered 12,053 units in September.

By the end of September, ZEEKR had delivered 156,976 units in total, and the official emphasis was on the ‘zero spontaneous combustion’.

Additionally, ZEEKR recorded an all-time high in bulk orders in September.

Within the new Hongmeng version’s boost, avatr 11’s September deliveries were 3,083 units, an increase of over 50% month-on-month.

In the battle report, avatr also emphasised that its total intelligent driving mileage has exceeded 17 million kilometers, accounting for 22% of the total mileage – quite an impressive ratio.

BYD’s September sales are disclosed. The latest announcement from BYD presents:

  • September new energy vehicle sales were 287,454 units, a year-on-year increase of 42.83%;

  • The total sales for the first nine months amounted to 2,079,638 units, a year-on-year increase of 76.23%.

Quick comments:

Considering the September delivery volume across board, all have maintained relatively healthy growth rates, also due to the efforts made in the last month of Q3 to increase sales.

Both in terms of order volume and actual delivery volume, the new energy market in China appears to remain highly competitive in 2023. However, given the order volume of the AITO M7, the market share continues to expand.### DENZA N7 New High-Speed Intelligent Driving Package Debuts

On September 26, at the DENZA N7 Intelligent Communication Conference, it was officially announced by DENZA that all models can be equipped with the latest NVIDIA DRIVE Orin platform, providing the DENZA N7 with further enhanced intelligent driving capabilities and enabling the advancement of high-speed quick road intelligent driving.

Specifically, based on the new NVIDIA DRIVE Orin platform, DENZA has launched an optional high-speed intelligent driving package, which enriches the intelligent driving capabilities of the DENZA N7; it meets the needs of more users and marks the beginning of the second half of DENZA’s journey towards intelligence.

NVIDIA, a global leader in AI computing, always occupies the technology high ground in smart chips. It has world-leading advantages in areas such as graphics processors (GPU), artificial intelligence (AI), high-performance computing (HPC), and autonomous driving. The collaboration between DENZA and NVIDIA aims to further enhance the intelligent driving capabilities of the DENZA N7 model to meet more user driving needs.

It is understood that all DENZA N7 models can be equipped with the DENZA Pilot Advanced Intelligent Driving All-Inclusive Package or the High-Speed Intelligent Driving Package. The High-Speed Intelligent Driving Package, equipped with the NVIDIA DRIVE Orin chip, makes assisted driving more intelligent and high-speed driving easier. It includes more than 30 intelligent driving assistance features including high-speed NOA, alleviating complex high-speed cruising conditions, mixed pedestrian and non-motorized traffic in city sections, and inconvenience of narrow road parking, etc., addressing the three major pain points faced by users in commuting.

The DENZA N7 comes in two endurance versions, 702km and 630km, and employs a 230kW dual-gun supercharge technology, capable of replenishing 350km battery life within just 15 minutes, effectively relieving users’ range anxiety to meet users’ weekly travel needs. Previously, at the release of the DENZA N7, DENZA announced that users can optionally install the DENZA Pilot Advanced Intelligent Driving All-Inclusive Package.

The launch of the High-speed Intelligent Driving Package along with benefits worth 380 million aims to reward more than 100,000 users and showcase DENZA’s resolve in driving the global revolution of intelligent driving assistance systems, and leading the reform of new energy sources in the luxury car market.

Quick Review:

DENZA’s announcement to equip models with the new generation NVIDIA DRIVE Orin platform undoubtedly inspires new thinking in the new energy vehicle industry. NVIDIA, as a leader in the field of AI computing, enjoys an unchallenged status in the technology highlands, and DENZA’s choice of partnership evidently aspires to enhance the intelligence of N7 models. On one hand, this decision helps meet the increasing demands for intelligent driving among users. On the other hand, it positions DENZA to secure a spot in the fiercely competitive new energy vehicle market.

The launch of the High-speed Intelligent Driving Package is a crucial step in DENZA’s intelligent strategy, serving to reinforce the driving capabilities of the N7 while addressing the market demand for more intelligent driving. Furthermore, DENZA’s dual-gun supercharge technology emerges as another highlight, promising a recharge of 350km range in just 15 minutes, effectively easing users’ range anxiety.However, these are merely individual actions of DENZA Auto, and the impact on the entire electric vehicle industry needs further observation. After all, the development and application of technology require market verification and acceptance by users, which only time can prove.

Bentley Bentayga: Enhanced Driving Comfort

On September 26, Bentley announced a series of configuration updates for its Bentayga series. The exterior, interior, and smart features have all been updated.

In terms of exterior, Bentayga adds more personalized options, including a new set of premium matte paint series with seven colors, which are Royal Black, Light Jewel Blue, Flame Orange, Mountain Green, British Racing Green, Cricket Red, and Candy Red.

In terms of interior, the standard Bentayga now supports the optional high-end seat package with soothing massage function and automatic temperature sensing system previously only available for the long-wheelbase version.

In addition, Bentayga is also equipped with the latest “Bang & Olufsen for Bentley” audio system. Its speaker grille uses a close-packed drilling design in various sizes and angles, which presents a unique pattern and enhances the sound penetration.

In terms of smart features, Bentayga has greatly improved in driver assistance, supporting functions like intelligent assisted parking, remote parking, 3D surround imaging and emergency assistance.

Moreover, Bentayga’s onboard air conditioning system has also been upgraded. It can measure the air quality inside and outside the car through a particulate sensor and automatically switch between internal and external circulation modes according to the air quality.

Worth mentioning is that Bentayga also uses more environmentally friendly materials in some of its configurations. For example, the carpet standard equipped in the Bentayga this time is made with 100% recycled nylon.

With these updates, Bentley hopes to provide its users with higher-level driving experiences.

Quick Review:

The configuration update of Bentley Bentayga undoubtedly raises the overall quality of its product. The addition of seven new premium matte paint colors gives car owners more personalized options, and the availability of the aviation-grade seat package and the latest audio system will bring drivers and passengers more comfortable and high-quality riding experiences.In terms of intelligence, the comprehensive enhancement of assisted driving functions and the upgrade of the vehicle’s air conditioning system will further improve driving convenience. Additionally, the carpet made from 100% recycled nylon material also embodies Bentley’s environmental philosophy. These updates will assist Bentley Bentayga in augmenting its competitiveness in the fiercely competitive car market, winning over more consumers.

EXEED Star Time ES Music Appreciation Act to decipher brand value

On October 8, EXEED Star Time ES crossed over the musical sphere and conducted the “All Things Star Voice” ultra-comfortable music conference in Chengdu, representing the first-ever product appreciation act held by Star Time ES.

Star Time ES is a new energy vehicle developed by the EXEED brand on the foundation of Chery Auto’s 26-year motor manufacturing experience, with a deep insight into user demand. Its target demographic is the foremost consumer group formed by technology middle class who have a consistent demand for the balance of life and career, pursuing a sense of comfort that resonates with their inner being.

Star Time ES captures this requirement and creates the product based on the concept of natural comfortable aesthetics, offering users an ultra-comfortable driving experience.

Zhang Guozhong, Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd, stated: “To craft a high-end brand with ingenuity not only requires to create a brand-new user value but also to adjust and fit into the shifts of the new era. Building a brand fundamentally involves enabling users to escalate from product function experience to a resonance and aspiration towards emotional value and lifestyle. The ultra-comfort exhibited by Star Time ES is not just about the driving experience; it’s more of a lifestyle.”

Through this cross-industry collaboration, EXEED not only stresses the music-like comfort of Star Time ES but also endeavours to deliver emotional-valued feelings to users, thereby moulding a brand-new high-end brand image.

Quick review:

The release of EXEED Star Time ES is undoubtedly an important attempt for Chery Auto’s transformation to new energy vehicles. The ultra-comfort expressed by Star Time ES is not just about the driving experience, but a lifestyle. This idea reflects Chery Auto’s profound understanding and foresight about new energy vehicles.However, to stand firm in the fiercely competitive new energy market, both the core competitiveness of the product and the shaping of brand image are of equal importance. The interior design and power system of Starlight ES undoubtedly embodies its core competitiveness, while the hosting of crossover concerts is an attempt by EXEED to shape its high-end brand image. Despite numerous challenges, both Chery Automobile and EXEED’s determination and strength are worth looking forward to.

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