Volvo EX90: The Safest and Smartest Pure Electric SUV Yet

On April 17, 2023, VOLVO TECH DAY and the premiere of EX90 in China was held in Shanghai. “If the ingredients are good, the buffet should be delicious,” said Yuan Xiaolin, President and CEO of Volvo Asia Pacific, at the event.

Therefore, safety is Volvo’s choice, and Volvo states that the EX90 will be the safety benchmark for electric vehicles.

Since its release, the Volvo XC90 has achieved a five-star rating even as the safety score of the US IIHS has continued to increase, thanks to its high standards of research and development, meeting increasingly stringent crash standards.

The Volvo EX90 comes from the SPA 2 platform and can be seen as the XC90 upgraded to a pure electric platform, as well as the flagship product of Volvo’s pure electric models. “In terms of safety, the EX90 has also been upgraded and equipped with the World Tree Intelligent Safety System, which is composed of the native pure electric system and the centralized electronic architecture,” said Xiaolin.

The guarantee of safety for the Volvo EX90 is composed of two aspects. “First, it is equipped with a Luminar 1,550 nm laser radar, which is arranged on the roof of the vehicle.”

Even in the worst weather conditions such as thick fog and heavy rain that drivers fear, pedestrians 250 meters away can be seen, and even black tires lying flat on the ground can be recognized 120 meters away.

The computing platform is equipped with an NVIDIA DRIVE Orin, with a single computing power of 254 TOPS. Although this technology has been adopted by leading domestic car brands such as Ideal, NIO, and XPeng, it is not widely seen in mainstream international luxury brands.

The Driver Monitoring System (DMS) in the car uses dual cameras to monitor the driver’s state, one located in the center console and the other located in front of the steering wheel. This helps avoid drivers becoming distracted from the road while driving.

The second feature is Volvo’s self-developed software, which puts the core technology of autonomous driving in the company’s own hands.

At the same time, Volvo has self-developed Battery Management System (BMS) technology and high torsional stiffness. Volvo even claims that their electric cars are like “electric tanks.”

Regarding safety, Volvo has stated, “What new entrants to the market will take three years to learn, we will learn in three years. What we have learned, new entrants will take ten years to learn.” In response to this, Volvo emphasizes that it has always had its own standards for things like after-sales service and product safety.

As a brand, safety is one of Volvo’s core values. Nowadays, everyone is trying to compete on price, making it difficult to differentiate through brand value. Volvo’s strong commitment to safety helps them maintain a prominent position in the luxury car market, second only to the top-tier brands.

In the Chinese market, assisted driving safety, electric vehicle battery safety, and vehicle structure safety are becoming increasingly important. Domestic brands have made great strides in safety in recent years, so Volvo’s position in intelligent safety is being challenged. With the upcoming launch of its new flagship EX90, we will see if Volvo can continue to create a legendary reputation for safety.# 汽车技术


  1. 发动机
    • 发动机是汽车的心脏。
    • 发动机有多种类型,包括汽油发动机、柴油发动机、电动发动机等。
  2. 变速器
    • 变速器决定了汽车的转速和牵引力。
    • 变速器也有多种类型,包括手动变速器、自动变速器等。
  3. 底盘
    • 底盘是汽车的支撑结构,承担着整个汽车的重量。
    • 底盘包括底盘骨架和底盘悬挂系统等部分。
  4. 制动系统
    • 制动系统是汽车的安全保障之一。
    • 制动系统包括刹车盘、刹车片、刹车液等。



  1. 燃烧室
    • 燃烧室是发动机内部的一个小房间,燃料在这里被点燃并燃烧。
  2. 活塞
    • 活塞是发动机中的一个移动部件。
    • 活塞的上下运动控制了燃烧室的容积。
  3. 曲轴
    • 曲轴是发动机中的一个主要部件。
    • 曲轴转动驱动活塞工作,最终将燃烧能量转换为驱动轮的动力。



  1. 齿轮
    • 齿轮是变速器中最核心的组成部分,控制汽车的转速和牵引力。
  2. 离合器
    • 离合器连接或断开发动机与变速器之间的动力传递。
  3. 换挡杆
    • 换挡杆是手动变速器中用来切换档位的控制杆。
    • 自动变速器则无需使用换挡杆。



  1. 车架
    • 车架是底盘的主要承载结构。
  2. 悬挂系统
    • 悬挂系统由悬架、减震器、弹簧等组成。
    • 悬挂系统减缓了车辆通过不平路面时的震动和颠簸。



  1. 刹车盘
    • 刹车盘是制动系统中的一个部件,负责转换运动能量为热能。
  2. 刹车片
    • 刹车片是制动系统中的另一个部件,用于与刹车盘紧密贴合,从而控制车辆的停车和行驶。
  3. 刹车液
    • 刹车液是制动系统中用于传递压力的液体,确保刹车片与刹车盘之间的紧密结合。


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