E-NCAP annual safest car models, Tesla and Great Wall Motors fully booked?

Author: Zhang Xianglong

In 2022, E-NCAP evaluated the safest car models in different sub-sectors, which is quite interesting. Let’s take a look together.

In the past year, E-NCAP has tested a total of 67 different car models, and a record number of 53 car models have received a 5-star safety rating. The E-NCAP officials said, “2022 is one of the busiest years ever, and we have seen many new car manufacturers and new technologies.”

Especially this year, it is probably the year when E-NCAP has tested the most Chinese brand car models. The good news is that all Chinese brand car models that participated in E-NCAP testing have received a 5-star safety rating so far.

However, although E-NCAP has evaluated a total of 53 car models with a 5-star safety rating, there is still a difference in the specific test score rate, so the “5-star safety rating” also has a difference in high and low.

Among them, the standard for the safest car model of the year, that is, the E-NCAP Best in Class 2022, is as follows.

First of all, E-NCAP will conduct weighted calculations for four evaluation test areas: adult occupant, child occupant, pedestrian, and safety assistance, and these four scores are the basis for evaluation. In addition, in evaluating the scores of car models, there should be no fatal injuries to dummies on the test vehicle during the test, otherwise, they will not participate in the selection.

Secondly, the eligibility for the annual safest car model award is based only on the standard safety equipment rating, that is, all versions of the car model must have a 5-star safety rating, and it is not enough for only the high-end version to have a 5-star rating while the low-end version does not.

Based on the above requirements, E-NCAP has selected five of the safest car models in six different sub-sectors: executive cars, large family cars, small family cars, small SUVs, large SUVs, and pure electric vehicles.

The Five Safest Cars of the Year Revealed

The five award-winning models of this year are quite interesting. Tesla, a frequent award winner of E-NCAP, won two awards this year for its two products – Model Y and Model S, which won the annual safest car in the small off-road vehicle (SUV) category and the annual safest car in the executive sedan, pure electric vehicle categories, respectively.

The remaining three spots were won by Great Wall, with Euler Cat and WEY Mocha PHEV (Coffee 01) awarded the annual safest car for small family cars and large off-road vehicles (SUVs) categories, respectively.

The last winner is Hyundai IONIQ 6 (which is not currently sold in China), won the annual safest car in the large family car category. No European domestic models were awarded.

Now let’s take a look at each of the five products and see how they performed.

Annual Safest Car – Executive Sedan and Pure Electric Vehicle

First is the annual safest car in the executive sedan and pure electric vehicle categories. It’s quite impressive for Tesla Model S to win both awards on its own.

After all, the last time a car won both awards in E-NCAP’s annual safest car category was Mercedes EQS in 2021, which also won the best safety award in the luxury car and pure electric vehicle categories.

In 2022, the Tesla Model S scored 94%, 91%, 85%, and 98% in the adult occupant, child occupant, pedestrian, and safety assist categories, respectively.

With a score of 98% in the safety assist category, the highest of all tested cars this year, the Tesla Model S also broke the E-NCAP’s records for the best safety score.

Annual Safest Car – Small Off-Road Vehicle (SUV)

In fact, the safety assist score of Model Y was also 98%, the same as that of Tesla Model S, which was the highest safety assist score of all tested cars this year in the E-NCAP.

Making the Tesla Model Y the annual safest car in the small off-road vehicle (SUV) category.

However, compared to the Model S, the overall performance of the Model Y is actually better. The score rates for adult occupants, child occupants, pedestrians, and safety assistance are all 97%, 87%, 82%, and 98%, respectively.

The Model Y not only shares the highest score rate in safety assistance with the Model S, but it also has the highest score rate, reaching 97%, in the adult occupant section, which is equally the best performance in E-NCAP’s tests this year, tied with the Hyundai IONIQ 6.

There are only four major test items in E-NCAP, and the Model Y has the highest score rate in two of them. This year’s safest model is well-deserved.

In fact, looking at collision test results from various agencies over the years, Tesla’s characteristic has always been that there is no need to worry about the passive safety aspects involving passengers in the car and pedestrians outside the car, and its strength in active safety aspects is hard to ignore, resulting in high score rates for safety assistance.

Therefore, from the Model 3, to the Model Y, and the Model S, Tesla’s test results in E-NCAP have been amazing for each and every one of its products. Even E-NCAP itself acknowledged that “Tesla has had a huge impact on the European car market.”

Safest Model of the Year – Subcompact Family Car

The Ora Cat, a car produced by Great Wall, has won the title of the E-NCAP Safest Model of the Year in the subcompact family car category.

The score rates for adult occupants, child occupants, pedestrians, and safety assistance are 92%, 83%, 74%, and 93%, respectively.

In the adult occupant section, the score rate of the Ora Cat is much higher than that of the BMW 2 Series that is also considered in the subcompact family car category in Europe. It is also significant in safety assistance.Actually, 2022 is the first year of Great Wall Motor’s official landing in Europe, and also the first year of their participation in E-NCAP testing. Congratulations on this achievement.

In terms of safety assistance, Euler Motors’ safety score was 93%, ranking second to only two Tesla models, WEY Mocha PHEV and NIO ET7 in E-NCAP testing for this year’s models. Considering Euler Motors’ positioning as a “small family car”, this score is also quite high.

Safest Car of the Year – Large SUV

Mocha PHEV (Coffee 01) scored 91%, 87%, 79%, and 94% in E-NCAP’s adult occupants, child occupants, pedestrian safety, and safety assistance tests, respectively.

NCAP’s evaluation of its safety is “WEY Coffee 01 performed well in all categories”. Its overall performance is better than the closely-following Lexus RX.

The Mocha PHEV (Coffee 01) has already been officially launched in Europe at this year’s Paris Motor Show for a price range of EUR 55,900 to EUR 59,900, which is equivalent to nearly RMB 400,000.

What’s the concept of a price range of EUR 55,900 to EUR 59,900 in the European automobile market? Taking Germany, the center of the European automobile industry, as an example, the starting price of BMW X3 in the German market is EUR 53,150, while the price of Audi Q5 in the German market is only EUR 49,250. Even the BMW X3 plug-in hybrid version that uses the same technology (not yet available domestically) has a starting price of only EUR 62,000 in Germany.

The confidence in the pricing of Mocha PHEV (Coffee 01) in Europe may partly come from its safety strength.

The safest model of the year – Large family sedan

Hyundai IONIQ 6 scored 97%, 87%, 66%, 90% in four items of E-NCAP: adult occupant, child occupant, pedestrian, and safety assistance.

Hyundai IONIQ 6 achieved a high score of 97% in adult occupant protection, but the score of 66% in pedestrian protection is not that satisfactory. The main deduction point is the poor protection of the head of the struck pedestrians.

Actually, Hyundai IONIQ 6 has not been officially sold in China. It is a pure electric model based on Hyundai E-GMP platform, with a range of about 600km. This model may be introduced to China soon.

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