The technology and delicacy of a well-established luxury giant can be found within the cabin of the brand new all-electric EQE.

Author: Zhang Xianglong

The electric wave in the automotive industry is surging. Emerging forces are eager to try, while traditional luxury giants are also showing their strengths.

Before this, Mercedes-Benz brought the pure electric EQS with the lowest aerodynamic drag coefficient in the history of mass-produced cars. Following the pure electric EQS, the second vehicle based on the large pure electric vehicle architecture (EVA) platform – the brand-new pure electric EQE – also arrived.

Mercedes-Benz’s EVA pure electric platform is a pure electric platform with high expandability, high intelligence capability, and high adaptability of electronic and electrical architecture. Therefore, it endows the brand-new pure electric EQE with almost the same product quality as the pure electric EQS.

But at the same time, it is different from the flagship pure electric EQS. The brand-new pure electric EQE perfectly combines the practicality of a sedan with the elegance of a four-door coupe, creating a new luxury segmentation market. It not only sets a benchmark in the field of medium and large luxury pure electric sedans but also is a backbone of Mercedes-Benz’s overall electrification.

MBUX Intelligent Human-Machine Interaction, the Technological Temperature of Traditional Luxury Giants

For the entire brand-new pure electric EQE, my biggest impression after experiencing it is its outstanding and delicate performance in intelligence. Regarding intelligence, we always assume that this is only a strength of emerging forces, but actually not.

Traditional luxury car companies are actually more mature in the application of intelligence. For the brand-new pure electric EQE, intelligence is first reflected in the cabin.

The core is the latest generation of MBUX intelligent human-machine interaction system. Its powerful autonomous learning ability is impressive. The so-called “autonomous learning” simply means that as a car owner, after you have lived with the brand-new pure electric EQE for a period of time, you will find that the brand-new pure electric EQE deeply understands your usage habits in vehicle information entertainment, comfort, and other vehicle functions. And when you need it next time, it can always give you the most suitable choice that knows you best.

Here’s a very common example from life: if you have the habit of calling your family or friends during a fixed time period on your way home from work, then you will receive caring reminders about this call every week at the same time period. All prompts suggested by MBUX intelligent human-machine interaction system are matched with the user’s personal account, so if it is another driver driving the brand-new pure electric EQE during this specific time period, the system will not make this prompt—or recommend another prompt according to this person’s preferences.

The most intuitive reflection of this caring and considerate feature of the MBUX intelligent human-machine interaction system is in its ability to provide “zero-level interface”. Typically, when we want to access a certain function on a car information and communication system, several steps of operation may be needed for controlling. However, on the brand-new pure electric EQE, if you want to find the most important application of MBUX intelligent human-machine interaction system, you only need to slide the 0-level menu and it can be opened with one click. This is why it is called the “zero-level interface”.

The implementation of the “zero-level interface” is driven by Mercedes-Benz’s utilization of artificial intelligence technology to develop a user interface with environmental awareness ability. It is capable of displaying required functions to users actively at appropriate times, and can continuously optimize its perception accuracy and sensitivity according to the changes in the environment and the driver’s behavior. To some extent, it really feels like the system knows what you need.

For instance, some operations can still be performed without activating the keyword “Hello Mercedes”, for example, answering a call. In addition, Mercedes-Benz conducted research on the behavior of first-generation MBUX users and found that navigation, radio / multimedia, and answering or making phone calls are the most frequently used functions. Therefore, a navigation application with full functionality is always the core of the visual display of MBUX intelligent human-machine interaction system.

Moreover, the navigation application with EQ optimization function can also plan the fastest and most convenient route including charging stations based on various factors, and make dynamic responses according to changes in traffic volume or driving style.AR Experience Navigation

In addition, the new pure electric EQE equipped with a brand-new cabin also comes with intelligent features such as Gaode customized navigation, wireless CarPlay projection, and “Mind-reading voice assistant”. For example, Gaode customized navigation optimizes navigation for EQ, and the AR Scene Crossing Navigation function deeply integrates in-vehicle functions such as the navigational system, precisely identifying the correct navigation entrance and even identifying the parking floor correctly, which is a very warm technological detail.

Apart from the intelligent cabin, the new pure electric EQE is also excellent in intelligent driving capabilities. The new pure electric EQE is equipped with sensors including one long-range millimeter wave radar, four corner radars, twelve parking ultrasonic sensors, one front stereo multifunction camera, and four 360° parking cameras, among which the enhanced version of the driving assistance component is equipped with intelligent navigation limit range function, representative of the L2 automatic driving level. At the same time, the new pure electric EQE has driving assistance systems such as active lane keeping assist, active lane changing assist, active intelligent parking assist, and attention assist system.

In actual experience, the acceleration, centering ability, and lane change performance of the new pure electric EQE are all as smooth and reliable as those of an experienced driver. This is a set of driving assistance systems that will be used daily.

The active lane changing assist system can assist the driver of the new pure electric EQE in turning into adjacent lanes. Only when the sensor detects that there is a dashed lane marking between the adjacent lane and the current lane and there is no other vehicle detected in the relevant dangerous area, will it assist in turning right or left. In the experience process, it is more admirable that when the new pure electric EQE has this function enabled, it will synchronize with the front 2.6 million-pixel intelligent digital lamp, creating a very intuitive lane-changing lighting scene at night. This multidimensional technological power expression will definitely leave an impressive impression.


The Forward-looking EQ Design Language, Still the Height of Mercedes-Benz Luxury

In fact, the impressive feature of the all-new pure electric EQE is still the height of luxury in its interior and exterior design. In terms of overall styling, the all-new EQE shares the same pioneering design concept as the EQS in the pure electric EQ family.

The length of the all-new pure electric EQE is 4,969mm, and the wheelbase reaches 3,120mm. The extremely long wheelbase creates a very coordinated and flowing coupe style for the all-new EQE, and the bow-shaped body created by the pure electric platform brings a super-low drag coefficient of 0.22.

In terms of exterior design, the A-pillar and C-pillar have been moved significantly forward, which provides a more spacious space for the passenger compartment and also gives the vehicle a visual feature of short front overhang. The 20-inch flat-style wheels on the side not only help with endurance but also complement the muscular shoulder lines, allowing the beauty of the EQ family design to be fully demonstrated in these details.

Overall, under the extremely smooth body lines of the all-new pure electric EQE, a mature consideration answering the forward-looking design of pure electric vehicles based on functionality and high energy efficiency can be found.

And when the induction-type retractable door handle of the all-new pure electric EQE is extended, we step into the cabin to find that the still belongs to the Mercedes-Benz luxury height.

The most attractive thing in the cabin is undoubtedly the 12.3-inch instrument panel screen and the 12.8-inch central control screen with a resolution of up to 210ppi, which originates from the S-Class sedan. It is complemented by the exquisite and stylish walnut trim panels equipped in the all-new pure electric EQE 350 Pioneer Edition and Luxury Edition. The special edition is equipped with a backlit star emblem trim panel for the first time, emitting charming light in the dotted starlight. The combination of the trim panel and the large screen of technology embodies the common elements of traditional luxury and modern technology perfectly.
“`In addition, the all-new pure electric EQE is also the first to be equipped with an active ambient atmosphere light. The ambient light, which changes colors with the speed of the car, can present dynamic flowing effects, demonstrating the luxurious and romantic features of Mercedes-Benz while also having functionality.

Ambient ambient atmosphere light of the all-new pure electric EQE

For example, it can collaborate with the active safety system to provide danger warnings. When bicycles pass by the vehicle, the active ambient atmosphere light will remind the passengers getting off the car to pay attention to other road users through the lights.

In addition to the visual aspect, the sensory details inside the entire cabin of the all-new pure electric EQE are also top-notch. For example, it is equipped with the Burmester Berliner sound surround stereo system with 15 speakers, and Nappa leather and Paris nail solid buttons covering the seats.

These luxurious textures are again highlighted in the details, further demonstrating the luxury features of the EQ family of vehicles and making the entire cabin of the all-new pure electric EQE have a luxurious atmosphere to invoke multi-dimensional sensory experiences.

Furthermore, functions such as the rear gentleman function, rear center armrest, rear sunroof curtain button, and comfortable rear headrests are all exclusively designed for the domestic market.

What other advanced technologies are applied in the all-new pure electric EQE?

As a mid-to-large-sized luxury electric sedan, the initial three models of the all-new pure electric EQE 350 all use rear-mounted permanent magnet synchronous motors, with a power consumption of as low as 13.7 kilowatt-hours per one hundred kilometers. It is equipped with a power battery with a total capacity of 96.1 kilowatt-hours and NCM811 battery cores, with a maximum range reaching 752 kilometers under CLTC conditions. The all-new pure electric EQE 500 4MATIC that will be launched subsequently will have a four-wheel-drive and a dual motor system.

The all-new pure electric EQE supports a maximum of 128 kW of DC fast-charging, which can fill the battery from 10% to 80% in 48 minutes. In terms of power, the EQE 350 has a maximum power of 215 kW and can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in only 6.7 seconds, while the dual-motor version EQE 500 4MATIC has a maximum power of 300 kW.

In terms of the entire electric system and driving experience, the all-new pure electric EQE also applies many advanced technologies. For example, to achieve high power density and high efficiency of the motor, the EQE uses an inserted winding to create a strong magnetic field.

In order to provide a high level of NVH, the EQE considered using a skewed winding method for the stator coils during motor development. This can reduce the slight but unpleasant vibration caused by the cogging torque phenomenon at low speeds.

The all-new pure electric EQE adopts a four-link front suspension and multi-link rear suspension architecture. The highlight is the rear-active steering system with a turning angle of up to 10 degrees.

After being equipped with the rear-active steering system, as a mid-to-large-sized pure electric sedan, the turning radius of the all-new pure electric EQE is reduced from 12.5 meters to below 10.7 meters.

When the speed is below 60 kilometers per hour, the rear wheels rotate in the opposite direction to the front wheels, making the body more flexible; while when the speed exceeds 60 kilometers per hour, the rear wheels and front wheels rotate in the same direction, and the rear steering system can better maintain the stability of the vehicle during high-speed cornering or emergency lane changes.

When the automatic parking system drives out of the parking space, the front and rear wheels of the all-new pure electric EQE can rotate at the same angle, making the vehicle elegantly “dance” out of the street, which is quite impressive.

Overall, as the flagship of Mercedes-Benz’s current luxury electric vehicle market, if we want to summarize the product strength of the all-new pure electric EQE in simple terms, I think the most appropriate words are “true luxury” and “true technology”.

“True luxury” comes from the meticulous and intuitive luxury atmosphere created by Mercedes-Benz on the all-new pure electric EQE. This luxury experience, which can stimulate multiple sensory experiences with ease, is truly unique among mid-to-large-sized pure electric sedans.

“True technology” originates from the all-new pure electric EQE, a masterpiece from a veteran luxury giant. We not only see luxury, but also the application of advanced technology in areas such as intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, three-electric (powertrain, battery and charging networking systems), digital headlights and even rear-wheel steering in chassis and suspension. For the all-new pure electric EQE, luxury quality remains a top priority, while the infusion of leading technology makes it the new benchmark for electric luxury in the new era.

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