Resale Value Ranking | Is the king of the endurance ranking still as high in resale value?

Author: Wang Jie

The cars on this list of residual value rate are all high-endurance products. The version selected is the one with the longest endurance and the lowest price of the car model. First of all, it should be stated that for car models whose delivery time is less than one year, we use only a few data for deducing, and uniformly present the one-year residual value rate data.

In addition, Tesla, on the list, appeared a significant price reduction on January 6, but there was no significant impact on the one-year residual value rate in the second-hand market in the short term. We still present the price of the circulation products in the second-hand market before the reduction as a reference (it is expected that Tesla’s residual value rate will fluctuate with this significant price reduction in the future).

Most of the cars on the list this time have a selling price of over 200,000 yuan. After all, the longer the endurance, the higher the cost of battery investment required. The lowest selling price of new cars is the 32nd rank 【NETA U 2022 smart 610 ternary lithium】. The NETA U series of car models are also frequent visitors to the residual value rate list. With high cost-effectiveness, the sales volume of the NETA U series is also among the top.

The NETA U 2022 smart 610 ternary lithium version of this car model has an NEDC endurance of 610km; the wheelbase is 2770mm, and the space is also good; the necessary functions such as vehicle stability system, voice control, intelligent navigation, etc., as well as large-sized screens and panoramic sunroof accessories, are all available; at the same time, it also supports external discharge, which is also convenient for camping.

The car with the longest endurance on the list is the 36th-ranked 【GAC Aion LX PLUS thousand-mile version】, which is the first domestically produced pure electric vehicle with a range of more than 1000km among the officially released cars. The NEDC endurance mileage reaches 1008km, and its battery energy reaches 144.4kWh.### Introduction

The primary reason for the long range of Guangqi Aion LX PLUS Qianli Edition is the use of sponge negative electrode battery technology, which solves the problem of silicon expansion while using larger silicon materials. By utilizing technologies such as “nano-composite silicon technology”, the silicon negative electrode in the battery becomes elastic and will not crack.

The highest residual value on the list is 【BYD Dolphin 700km Long Range Rear Drive Edition】. BYD Dolphin is the first sports model of the BYD Ocean series, as well as the culmination of the e-platform 3.0. It has officially represented the planning and entry to the Japanese market for domestically produced new energy.

BYD Dolphin

The appearance of the BYD Dolphin adopts marine aesthetics design, which retains many elements of sports wind while being elegant, such as the boomerang-like headlights. It uses a double-wishbone suspension, and BYD’s blade battery is also used for the first time in this model.

Overall, the residual value of high-range vehicles is still good, and almost half of the models can reach a residual value rate of 70%, which shows that the range capacity is still an important factor for new energy vehicles. If you want to see which models’ residual value rate the next time, please leave a message in the comment area!


  1. The residual value data in the list is jointly released by AutoLab and China’s leading used car data platform Che 300. The data is calculated based on various information from car enterprise ERP system suppliers, dealers, online car collection APP, auction platforms, financing leasing platforms, etc.

  2. The residual value rate of a vehicle refers to the ratio of the selling price of a certain model after a period of time to its manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

  3. Due to the short development period of new energy vehicles, the residual value rate is generally calculated for one year. The residual value rate of models that have not yet reached one year is also displayed as a one-year rate.

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