Resale Value List | Which of the 87 versions of Xiaopeng Motors do you prefer?

Author: Wang Jie

This issue brings you the resale value of all models of Xpeng Motors!

Despite the severe loss crisis faced by Xpeng this year, the highest resale value of Xpeng models in the second-hand market still reaches nearly 80%. We have collaborated with China’s leading used car platform Che300 to compile the resale value of all versions of Xpeng models in the following chart.

We declare that for models delivered for less than one year, we estimate with limited data and display the resale value rate for one year.

Besides, we also provide the resale value of three other models, namely, NIO EC6, AION Y, and Neta U, to help you estimate the overall situation of the second-hand market.

Chart of resale value of Xpeng models

Among 87 models, the 18th one, “Xpeng P7 480N of 2021,” is my recommendation, with a resale value rate of 70.03%.

Xpeng P7 480N

This model does not have impressive endurance, providing only 480 kilometers under the NEDC operating cycle. However, it is not expensive among P7 series, and it has advantages in handling and intelligence features. It adopts independent suspension at the front and multi-link suspension at the rear, and is equipped with L2-level XPILOT advanced driving assistance system.

Xpeng P7 480N Interior

Another model ranking at the 14th, “Xpeng P7 480G of 2021,” has the highest resale value among models delivered for over one year. But compared with “Xpeng P7 480N of 2021,” which ranks 18th, it only has a slightly lower price and lacks the L2-level advanced driving assistance system.The 480N model has an automatic parking function, while the 480G model does not. The 480G model may be more suitable for friends who like the P7 series but are not used to using driver assistance functions.

Ranking 87, the 2021 XPeng P5 600P model, has been discontinued due to the release of the 2022 XPeng P5 600P model (ranked 85), but its configuration is still impressive.

The 2021 XPeng P5 600P model is equipped with 2 lidars and 5 millimeter-wave radars, and uses the Nvidia Xavier ADAS chip, supporting lane-keeping, ACC cruise, and automatic parking functions. If you want to buy a used car, this is a good choice.


  1. The resale data in the ranking is co-released by AutoLab and the domestic leading used car data platform CTP.
  2. The vehicle resale rate refers to the ratio of the selling price of a model to its manufacturer’s suggested retail price after a certain period of use.
  3. Due to the short development period of new energy vehicles, the resale rate is generally calculated based on 1 year. The resale rates of models that have not yet reached 1 year of use are also displayed based on the 1-year resale rate calculation.

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