Volkswagen's Touareg L Pro: A Major Step Forward with DJI's Urban Driving System?

On May 30th, the Tiguan L Pro officially premiered in Chengdu. Considered a significant upgrade for Volkswagen and the Tiguan model family, the unveiling showcased advances in intelligent driving, digital cockpits, vehicle connectivity, and smart lighting.

The new Tiguan L Pro comes in h six different model variants, with a recommended retail price ranging from 236,800 to 266,800 yuan.

The Tiguan L Pro offers two design styles, an R-Line sports front face and a Pioneer front face, with a choice of five exterior colors: Photon Blue, Galaxy Grey, Radiant Pink, Arc Light White, and Quantum Black.

In terms of intelligent driving, the Tiguan L Pro comes equipped with the IQ. Pilot Intelligent Assistant Driving System, jointly developed with DJI Automotive.

Previously, MQE MEB cars utilized Mobileye EyeQ4’s suite of systems as their auxiliary driving platform. But adapting to the diversified local road conditions, Volkswagen has wisely selected a domestic supplier, incorporating DJI Automotive’s Intelligent Driving System into the Tiguan L Pro.

This system primarily relies on pure vision. It uses DJI’s binocular inertial navigation for frontal visual perception, supplemented by five millimeter waves. The intelligent drive chip has a computational power of 35 TOPS.

The Advanced Adaptive Cruise Control Pro Edition allows the vehicle to automatically follow the car in front for up to 360 seconds. It handles curves with a radius of over 75 meters. Furthermore, the Tiguan L Pro also has intelligent gear shifting, lane-keeping and intelligent obstacle avoidance functions.

With the inclusion of the auxiliary driving camera, the Tiguan L Pro features the IQ. Light high-resolution smart projector headlights, each providing up to 25,600 pixels, offering exclusive lane illumination, narrow road vehicle width indication, and welcome/send-off projection lighting effects.

Inside the vehicle, the digital cockpit of the Tiguan L Pro features a 6-screen interactive design, including an 11.6-inch entertainment screen for the co-pilot. The in-car voice interaction system, provided by iFLYTEK, supports dialect recognition and voice cloning functions. With the integration of the V Mate intelligent assistant and the Tencent car ecosystem, the Tiguan L Pro seamlessly connects social interaction and travel.

Finally, let’s talk about pricing. This time, Volkswagen has introduced a concept of the ‘cost of owning a car’. The three-year ‘ownership cost’ of the Tiguan L Pro starts at 47,360 Yuan, and car buyers will enjoy multiple benefits, such as full exemption from purchase tax, 80% value retention after three years, worry-free maintenance for three years, and a limited offer of optional equipment packs.

The Tiguan L Pro claims to be the smartest petrol car, with the Intelligent Drive system of the all-new Tiguan L Pro indeed demonstrating strong capabilities among the current team of petrol cars. Especially in its price range of 200,000-250,000 Yuan, it poses a significant competition.

However, when compared with intelligent electric cars, it is a fact that it lacks advanced driver assistance features. Nevertheless, do not rush. Volkswagen’s advanced driver assistance is on the way, which includes basic systems like the NOA solution with Horizon, and even Huawei’s ADS for its advanced series. Judging from the performance of the Tiguan L Pro, Volkswagen is indeed making efforts to cater to the Chinese market.

This article is a translation by AI of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email