Will Geely's New Intelligent Cockpit System Challenge Tesla?

On May 30, Geely officially launched its latest “Galaxy Flyme Auto” smart cockpit system and “Flyme Sound Unbounded Voice” AI smart sound system. These two new technologies will be first applied to the new products of the Geely Galaxy series and will be customized according to the needs of different models.

Geely’s newly released “Galaxy Flyme Auto” smart cockpit system, equipped with Geely’s independently researched and commercially produced first domestic 7nm automotive-grade cockpit chip “Longying No.1”. The chip has an 8-core CPU and 14-core GPU, supports 2.5K HD video playback, significantly improving the performance and user experience of the in-car entertainment system.

Galaxy Flyme Auto’s smart cockpit system supports various advanced features, including gesture interaction and intelligent voice control. Through Flyme Link technology, the system can achieve cross-terminal interconnection between car and cellphone, enabling users to seamlessly access QQ Music, K Songs for Everyone, NetEase Cloud Music, and iQIYI applications in the car, further enriching in-car entertainment content.

At the same time, Geely also launched the Flyme Sound AI smart sound system. The system adopts a 9.1.6 surround sound layout, can accommodate up to 27 speakers, with a rated power of up to 2000W, the lowest frequency dive can reach 20Hz. Geely’s independently researched tuning team has carried out many rounds of calibration with partners such as WANOS, Rui Sheng, and Harman Kardon, making Flyme Sound able to automatically optimize the sound field distribution according to factors such as in-car space, number of passengers, and playback content, providing an excellent sound experience.

To further enhance the user’s in-car experience, Geely also provides a space capsule-level quiet cockpit environment and introduces the WANOS panoramic sound app and the Galaxy Sound Space app. These applications aggregate panoramic sound content resources including music, audiobooks, movies, TV dramas, and variety shows, bringing a rich variety of entertainment choices for users.

Geely has become the world’s first car company to have a full-fledged intelligent technology ecosystem layout including cars, chips, satellites, aircraft, cellphones, and AI big models.
Corporation. The unveiling of the Galaxy Flyme Auto Smart Cockpit System and Flyme Sound AI Smart Sound System, further showcases Geely’s innovative capabilities and technical strengths in the field of intelligent technology.

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