Is Hong Qi Poised to Lead Green Energy Revolution with New Line-Up?

At the Beijing International Automobile Exhibition, the media conference of Hong Qi, a marque under China First Automobile Group Corporation, was held, featuring the three sub-brands of the Hong Qi marque and 22 products, symbolizing further extension of its product line. The Jin Kui Hua sub-brand made its debut independently and showcased its entire range of products, including the newly launched ultra-luxury executive car “Guo Ya,” which is now open for reservation. Moreover, the Jin Kui Hua concept car was revealed at the conference, highlighting the brand’s future design direction.

In the energy-saving car sector, Hong Qi launched the plug-in hybrid model of the 2024 HQ9. The official guide price ranges from 358,800 to 538,800 yuan, further enriching the market choices for its energy-saving models.

In terms of new energy vehicles, the Hong Qi marque brought forth its new products based on the “Hong Qi ・ Tian Gong” pure electric platform and the “Hong Qi ・ Jiu Zhang” intelligent platform, including Hong Qi EHS7, EH7, E009, E007, E702 and so on. Among them, EHS7 applied a fresh design philosophy and was fitted with the new energy platform of Hong Qi.

Hong Qi marque also announced it would present Hong Qi vehicles to Chinese athletes who win awards in the 2024 Olympics in Paris and provide the Chinese Olympic team with 24 Hong Qi EHS9 vehicles for security purposes. Additionally, the brand initiated a “Flag Witness Officer” recruitment drive, intending to recruit 20 users to witness the Olympic moments alongside the brand’s spokespeople.

Notably, the new Hong Qi H9 has officially hit the market. This vehicle is equipped with a 6-cylinder 3.0T mechanical supercharged engine and an 8AT transmission. The 0-100 km acceleration time is 6.4 seconds, and the official guide price ranges from 329,800 to 539,800 yuan. These series of actions demonstrate Hong Qi’s in-depth layout in the new energy field and its relentless pursuit of high-end markets.

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