Nissan's Blueprint for New Energy Vehicles at Beijing Auto Show: What's Next?

At the Beijing International Auto Show, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. announced its developmental blueprint in the field of new energy vehicles, showcasing five concept new energy vehicles and unveiled strategic measures aimed at accelerating its electrification and intelligentization process in the Chinese market. The core of this strategy lies in deep cooperation with local Chinese companies and the transformation and upgrading of its business in China.

Makoto Uchida, President and CEO of Nissan Motors stressed the company’s global resource integration ability and long-term commitment to the Chinese market. The showcased new energy concept vehicles, including pure electric and plug-in hybrid technology routes, are aimed to meet the growing demand of Chinese consumers for new energy vehicles. The debut of Nissan’s Hyper Force and Hyper Punk pure electric concept cars, as well as the exhibition of the Formula E Gen3 race car, collectively reflect Nissan’s profound experience in the field of electric vehicle technology.

In order to further consolidate its position in the Chinese market, Nissan plans to launch eight new energy vehicles in China by the 2026 fiscal year, with five of them being Nissan branded vehicles. The company also announced a plan to cooperate with Chinese businesses to use cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence to enhance the customer service experience.

DFAC(Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd.), as Nissan’s joint venture in China, simultaneously released a new strategy “Qi DNA+”, which covers not only product innovation but also export plans from 2025, with an initial goal of exporting one hundred thousand vehicles.

Nissan’s new brand proposition “Enjoyment by NI”, reflects the company’s determination to cater to the personalized needs of consumers in the new era, and the strategic direction of achieving intelligent and electrified transformation in terms of technology, products, and services. Through these series of actions, Nissan has demonstrated its innovative spirit and market adaptability in the field of new energy vehicles, while strengthening its in-depth cultivation strategy for the Chinese market.

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