Can JT's Latest Models Sparkle at the Beijing Auto Show?

At the Beijing International Auto Show, Jetour Auto caught the industry’s attention with its multiple new models. The exhibits included the T1, T2, T5 models of Jetour’s Shanhai series and L6, L7 hybrid off-road models. The design and features of these new models showcased Jetour’s latest achievements in the field of new energy vehicles. Moreover, Jetour also displayed the JMK model co-branded with “Peace Elite”, a seven-seat extended version of Jetour Traveller, and “Traveller BOX” camping trailer and Kunlun super hybrid off-road platform. The launch of these products signifies Jetour’s further expansion into the leisure travel market.

The sales data released by Jetour Auto showed that the company’s sales exceeded 107,000 units in the first quarter of 2023, ranking second in terms of year-on-year growth rate in China’s passenger car and SUV market. The company is optimistic about future sales, predicting that from January to April 2024, sales will reach 140,000 units, and they have set an ambitious goal of achieving annual sales of 1 million units by 2026.

The Shanhai T5 model equipped with a 2.0TGDI longitudinal hybrid engine and dual-motor front and rear, as well as a triple-lock configuration, demonstrates its technological innovation. The Shanhai T2 is based on the Kunpeng Super Hybrid C-DM platform, its 3DHT hybrid-specific transmission and impressive power performance offer consumers an efficient driving choice. The Shanhai T1’s range of body colours and modification options offer more choices for consumers with personalized needs. By contrast, the anticipation is high for the upcoming Shanhai L6 and L7 models that will be equipped with the Kunpeng Super Hybrid C-DM system.

Regarding cross-industry collaboration, Jetour Auto’s strategic partnership with Guangzhou Wong Lo Kat Big Health Industry Co., Ltd. marks a new business model where both companies will fully leverage their brand and technological advantages to jointly explore new products and new travel experiences. This cooperation has demonstrated the new trend of car industry’s integration with other industries.

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