LOTUS Partners with NIO : A Game Changing Move?

At the Beijing Auto Show, LOTUS announced the launch of a limited-edition model under its Chapman Bespoke brand, and a strategic collaboration with NIO for battery swapping, signifying another major step in the company’s globalisation journey. LOTUS Group CEO Feng Qingfeng emphasised the brand’s intent to accelerate globalisation, which is manifested in the Chinese market through the release of limited-edition models and the expansion of the charging network.

In terms of products, LOTUS unveiled the EMEYA limited-edition model, exclusively releasing 31 units in the Chinese market, with prices ranging from RMB 1.1588 million to 1.368 million. Among them, the high-end EVIJA FITTIPALDI custom version starts at an astonishing RMB 26.88 million. The launch of these models not only satisfies Chinese consumers’ demand for personalised and high-end cars, but also demonstrates LOTUS’s strategic positioning in the premium market.

In regard to the charging network, LOTUS cooperates with Chinese new energy vehicle manufacturer NIO, utilising more than 2,000 of NIO’s charging stations in China to offer charging services for LOTUS owners. This collaboration not only enhances the user experience of LOTUS electric vehicles, but also lays the foundation for the promotion and delivery of its electric smart cars in the Chinese market. Currently, LOTUS has 215 retail stores globally, with plans to increase this to 300 by 2024-2025, and aims to deliver cars in 24 countries and regions by 2024.

Furthermore, LOTUS announced that the initial owners purchasing new vehicles within 2024 will enjoy lifetime free fast-charging privileges, and the privileges of veteran owners will also be elevated to lifetime free use before May 31, 2024. This policy undoubtedly enhances the brand’s allure. In terms of performance, the LOTUS EVIJA X secured third place for fastest lap time at the renowned Nürburgring circuit, further certifying the brand’s product performance.

In summary, a series of actions by LOTUS in the Chinese market, whether product customisation, charging network collaboration, or market service enhancements, demonstrate its determination and actions to deepen globalisation strategy. These strategies not only strengthen the competitiveness of the LOTUS brand in the market, but also lay a solid foundation for its expansion in the global new energy vehicle market.

This article is a translation by AI of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email bd@42how.com.