Is Ford Challenging Tesla with its New Energy Vehicles at the Beijing Auto Show?

At the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, which will open on April 25th, FORD Motor Company showcased its several new energy vehicles, including the domestically produced Ford Bronco and the brand new Ford Mustang® Convertible Sport Edition, among other upgraded models. Established in 1995, Ford Motor (China), Ltd. exhibited a diverse product line for the Chinese market.

The domestically produced Ford Bronco, a newly launched convertible off-road vehicle, is priced between CNY 299,800 and CNY 438,800. This model is available in seven different configurations, including a limited special edition of 500 vehicles designed for marshlands. With a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, it supports wireless CarPlay and is equipped with a 12.3-inch LCD dashboard and a center control screen of 12 inches. Additionally, it is equipped with an EMOD intelligent preload four-wheel drive system, a H.O.S.S. 2.0 suspension system, and a G.O.A.T. all-terrain intelligent management system—having undergone rigorous testing over 16 million kilometers to ensure durability and performance.

The Ford Ranger showcased several off-road upgrades at the Auto Show, and announced a limited-time waiver for the Obsidian package. Some models will enhance the driving experience by adding L2.9 level intelligent driving assistance functions.

Making its debut appearance in China is the brand new Ford Mustang® Convertible Sport Edition, powered by a fourth-generation 2.3T EcoBoost® turbocharged engine. With a maximum power of 220 kW and a peak torque of 453 N・m, the model will upgrade its GT performance appearance kit upon entering the Chinese market.

Additionally, the Ford Explorer Red Gold Edition was displayed at the exhibition, equipped with a 2.3T+10AT powertrain and intelligent four-wheel drive system. The new generation of Mondeo 1.5T hybrid and Edge L 2.0T hybrid models were also unveiled.

During the Beijing Auto Show, Ford Explorer held a car delivery ceremony, welcoming 500 new car owners into its Explorer Club, who then signed the “Explorer Club Convention”, reflecting FORD’s emphasis on its Chinese market consumer groups.

FORD Motor Company, encompassing business units such as Ford Blue, Ford Model e, and Ford Pro, is committed to providing diverse automotive products and services to consumers worldwide. The Beijing Auto Show provides FORD with a platform to showcase its new energy vehicles and intelligentThe platform for driving technology, signifies its profound layout in the Chinese market and the commitment to future automotive technology.

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