Is DFAC's new plug-in hybrid SUV, AEOLUS L7, the new competitive choice?

Recently, DFAC Group Ltd. launched its latest plug-in hybrid SUV – the AEOLUS L7, further enriching the company’s product line in the new energy vehicle market. The market positioning price of the AEOLUS L7 is between RMB 128,900 and RMB 156,900.

The power system of the AEOLUS L7 adopts the Mahe electric hybrid PHREV technology, which combines various energy management modes to improve energy utilization efficiency. This technology achieves 93% system efficiency and 95% engine high-efficiency zone utilization, striking a good balance between performance and economy. In pure electric mode, the L7 can achieve a range of 205 km, and in hybrid power mode, the combined cruising range can reach 1,500 km, meeting the needs of daily use and long-distance travel.

Fast charging capability is another highlight of the AEOLUS L7. Its battery pack can be charged from 30% to 80% in about 26 minutes, greatly reducing the waiting time for users. In addition, the AEOLUS L7 has also conducted in-depth research and testing on battery safety, including four-fold reinforced safety measures and ultra-national standard limit safety tests. The battery life cycle has also reached over 2,000 times, providing extra peace of mind for users.

In terms of intelligence, the AEOLUS L7 is equipped with the WindLink OS 3.0 intelligent cockpit system and is equipped with the Qualcomm 8155 chip, a 14.6-inch LCD display and 10.25 LCD instrument screen. These provide a series of high-tech auxiliary functions for drivers, such as the AI predictive energy management system, which are designed to enhance the convenience and comfort of driving.

Overall, the launch of the AEOLUS L7 is another important step for DFAC in the field of new energy. It combines advanced hybrid technology, efficient energy management systems, and intelligent cockpit features to provide consumers with a competitive choice. As the demand for new energy vehicles continues to grow, the launch of the AEOLUS L7 will undoubtedly bring new growth points for DFAC.

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