Chery's iCAR 03T: The Next Big Thing in EVs?

On April 25th, 2024, at the highly anticipated 18th Beijing International Auto Show, Chery Group’s new energy vehicle brand iCAR attracted industry attention, especially with the debut of its new model iCAR 03T. Since the launch of the iCAR 03 model, a total of 5487 units have been sold, showing initial market acceptance. On this basis, iCAR 03 has completed its first OTA (Over-The-Air) upgrade, equipping it with an L2++ level pure visual high-level intelligent driving assistance system, further enhancing urban memory driving functions and intelligent parking functions to adapt to increasingly complex driving environments.

The newly launched iCAR 03T model is designed based on user feedback and market trends. Its front face, rear, and body lines have been redesigned to meet consumers’ demands for aesthetics and personalization. Moreover, the smart cockpit and four-wheel drive system configurations have been optimized to enhance driving experience and vehicle performance. Besides the iCAR 03T, Chery also showcased two new models, V23 and X25, targeting stylish off-road and mid-to-large off-road MPV respectively. V23 with its square box shape and unique design concept attracted audience attention, while X25 demonstrated the advantages of the new energy platform with its flat floor design and flexible seat combination.

It is worth noting that in order to satisfy users’ pursuit of personalization, iCAR offers customization services and co-creation gameplay through official authorization and user creativity cooperation. This not only enhances the interaction between the brand and consumers but also provides car owners with more personalized choices. Furthermore, iCAR plans to bring brand centers, delivery centers, and experience centers closer to the market to provide consumers with a more convenient and comfortable car buying and use experience.

Altogether, iCAR’s performance at this Beijing International Auto Show not only demonstrated its technical innovation and design concept in the field of new energy vehicles but also highlighted its commitment to enhancing user experience and meeting market needs. With the launch of new models and continuous technological upgrades, iCAR is expected to find its place in the fiercely competitive new energy vehicle market.

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