Are SAIC Maxus's Newest MPV Models, the Big 9 and Big 7, Revolutionizing Driving Experience with ACIS Technology?

On April 25, SAIC Maxus unveiled two MPV models at the Beijing Auto Show: Maxus 9 and Maxus 7. Both of these models adopt advanced ACIS intelligent full-scene super hybrid technology, aiming to offer extended battery range and improved driving experience.

In terms of pricing, the pre-set price range for the Maxus 9 super hybrid extended-range model ranges from 259,900 yuan to 339,900 yuan, with the extended-range version priced slightly higher, ranging from 269,900 yuan to 349,900 yuan.

The other model, the Maxus 7 super hybrid, has a pre-set price starting from 199,900 yuan, ranging up to 239,900 yuan, and its extended-range model is priced between 209,900 yuan and 249,900 yuan. Notably, by paying a deposit of 99 yuan or 77 yuan, consumers can enjoy the privilege of a battery range upgrade, a marketing strategy that undeniably adds appeal to the car purchase. Delivery of both models is expected to start from May 28, when consumers can personally experience the changes brought by these new technologies.

In terms of technology, the Maxus 9 super hybrid model has a combined range of up to 1,309km under gasoline-electric hybrid mode, while the Maxus 7 super hybrid model boasts a combined range of 1,327 km, a standout performance in the same class. This is thanks to the integration of new super hybrid technology, including the third-generation 1.5T super hybrid dedicated engine, dedicated DHT transmission, and high-energy-density battery. The integration of these technologies improves not only the power generation efficiency and motor power but also extends the pure electric speed range and CLTC pure electric range, elevating the vehicle’s performance from multiple dimensions. Besides, this new super hybrid system has undergone stringent system-level life tests, hybrid-specific validation, and vehicle durability validation, ensuring reliable and durable technology.

Apart from innovations in range and power system, Maxus 9 super hybrid and Maxus 7 super hybrid also spare no effort in other technological features, including CMS electronic exterior rear-view mirror, multi-link independent rear suspension, blind spot monitoring, JBL brand audio and other configurations, all of which significantly boost the vehicle’s safety and comfort. Simultaneously, the vehicles come equipped with high-level L2+ intelligent driving assistance and smart compressor refrigerator, humanized designs that undoubtedly cater to modern consumers’ demand for intelligence and convenience.

At the exhibition, SAIC Maxus also displayed a variety of models, including the V1 multifunctional version of the Maxus, the interstellar R off-road version pickup, and the G90 intelligent MPV, showcasing its profound strength and extensive product line in the field of electric vehicles. The company plans to push these models to the global market, demonstrating its global strategy and deep understanding of future travel methods. With the continuous development of the new energy vehicle market, these actions by SAIC Maxus will undoubtedly accelerate its layout in the global market and provide consumers with more diversified choices.

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