Hyper HT 2024 Unveiled at Beijing Auto Show: Future of EVs?

At the recent Beijing International Auto Show 2024, Hyper Motor Company introduced its latest electric vehicle model – the Hyper HT 2024 edition. This model features a host of high-end intelligent driving hardware, such as the cutting-edge solid-state variable-focus LIDAR, the high-performance Orin-x processing chip, and high-precision forward-looking millimeter radio detection, signifying Hyper’s further progression in the autonomous driving realm.

On the software technology front, the car utilizes advanced intersectional end-to-end models and lane change algorithms, realizing graphics-free smart driving functionalities designed for seamless autonomous driving experiences across all scenarios. Hyper HT has plans to promote this technology across numerous cities in China and overseas, while incrementally launching urban NDA features in line with various regions’ traffic conditions.

As for endurance and charging techniques, the Hyper HT 2024 model boasts notably enhanced battery performance, with a range of 820+ kilometers, and supports an 800V high-voltage rapid charging system. This system claims to charge a driving range of 415 kilometers within 15 minutes. Hyper currently has set up 7084 Direct Current Fast Charging (DCFC) stations, in collaboration with partners like State Grid, covering 90% of the national charging stations.

Aiming to elevate riding experiences, the Hyper HT 2024 edition has adopted dynamic foam process seats and optimized vehicle control performance through big data simulation models. Compared to the Cayenne, the car’s wheelbase is 40 mm longer, with the minimum turning radius at merely 5.6 meters, rendering more flexible maneuvering. In addition, the incorporation of gull-wing doors brings a futuristic allure to this model.

Pricing-wise, the Hyper HT 2024 model’s price range stands at $213,900 to $329,900, with initial owners eligible for incentives including lifelong free charging and maintenance within a specified period. This tactic is conducive to attracting customers and spurring initial sales volume.

Overall, the debut of the Hyper HT 2024 not only showcases the company’s latest achievements in new energy vehicle technology but also reflects its steadfast strides on the path towards intelligence and electrification. As marketing efforts for Hyper HT and its technology matures, we look forward to its spot in the future intelligent electric vehicle market.

This article is a translation by AI of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email bd@42how.com.