Honda's New Electric Brand 'EVERUS' Unveiled for Chinese Market

On April 16, Honda China announced the official launch of “EVERUS” – a new electric vehicle brand specially designed for the Chinese market, marking the company’s further expansion in the field of new energy vehicles in China. The first batch of models under the new brand includes the “EVERUS S7” and “EVERUS P7”, as well as the concept car “EVERUS GT CONCEPT”, showcasing Honda’s vision for future car design and technology.

The “EVERUS” brand has specially introduced a new “H” logo and has adopted the “W” structure specifically designed for pure electric models, aiming to provide optimized performance and driving experience. Reportedly, Honda plans to launch six new models based on the “W” structure by 2027 to meet the growing market demand.

The upcoming “EVERUS S7” and “EVERUS P7” models offer options of single motor rear-wheel drive and dual motor four-wheel drive to cater to different consumer needs. These models are expected to officially hit the market by the end of 2024, with their chassis design focusing on elevating the overall driving experience and vehicle stability. Additionally, the cars will come equipped with online upgrading features and customizable driving experience services to enhance the user’s personalized experience.

The “EVERUS GT CONCEPT” concept car, which provides an exposition of the brand’s design philosophy, is aimed at displaying future car manufacturing trends, with its mass-production version expected to launch in 2025. The unveiling of this concept car not only shows Honda’s pursuit of innovative design but also foreshadows the development direction of the brand’s future product line.

Honda states that the launch of the “EVERUS” brand is a significant step in its global electrification strategy in the Chinese market, aiming to provide a diverse range of new energy vehicle options for Chinese consumers and drive the development of electric vehicle technologies. With the continued growth of China’s new energy vehicle market, Honda’s move is considered a key action in strengthening its competitiveness in the Chinese market.

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