Chery's XingJi Yuan ET: Pure Electric or Range-Extended?

On April 15, Chery officially announced the pre-sale price and technical specifications of the Star Era ET.

The Star Era ET covers both pure-electric and range-extended variants. The pre-sale price for the pure electric version of the Star Era ET ranges from 239,000 to 329,000; while the range-extended variant is priced from 199,000 to 239,000.

During the pre-sale period, the range-extender variant of the Star Era ET has benefits such as a 2,000 deposit discounting 5,000 of the car price, while the pure electric version (excluding the Ultra Edition) gets free upgrades to air suspension.

Let’s take a look at the product strength of the Star Era ET.

In terms of power systems, the range-extended version of the Star Era ET features a range extender, independently developed by Chery, with a rated power of 115kW and a combined range of over 1,500 kilometers, with fuel consumption in the WLTC cycle of 5.2 liters/100 km. The pure-electric version adopts CATL’s super charging battery, with a maximum endurance mileage of 760 kilometers, supports a peak charging power of up to 420 kW, and can replenish 475 kilometers in 11.5 minutes.

For its structure, the Star Era ET uses high-strength steel and aluminum alloy materials, and the battery safety is certified by the “NESTA Six-Dimensional Electric Safety”. The interior design emphasizes practicality and comfort, offering ample space and multiple storage choices, along with high-quality velveteen matte genuine leather seats and electric adjustment capabilities.

In terms of chassis technology, the Star Era ET introduces intelligent chassis technology, integrating advanced technologies such as cloud motion architecture, intelligent chassis, high-efficiency brakes, and intelligent power. The combination of an all-aluminum chassis and a high-end suspension system enhances vehicle handling.

In power output, the total power of the Star Era ET’s motor reaches 413 kW, with a maximum torque of 8,000 N・m, enabling the Star Era ET to accelerate to 100 km/h in the region of 3 seconds.

Based on Chery’s latest EEA 5.0 electronic architecture, the Star Era ET integrates smart technologies including the UWB physical key, Lion AI large model voice, and DHS smart health monitoring. In the aspect of intelligent driving assistance systems, the vehicle is equipped with 30 sensors and Nvidia’s Drive Orin chip, aiming to realize the NEP all-scene intelligent driving assistance function, reflecting the technical accumulation of Star Era in the field of intelligence.

Star EraThe launch of ET not only demonstrates the technical prowess and product strategy of Chery in the field of new energy, but also reflects the proactive exploration of Chinese car brands in the transformation towards intelligence and electrification. As market competition intensifies, whether Exeed ET can stand out in the fierce market with its comprehensive performance and technological advantages is the focus of industry attention.

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