RunCore Micro Unveils New AI Operating System: What's next?

On March 29th, Runchip Micro Technology held a product strategy and KAIROS Operating System launch event in Suzhou. At the event, the latest AI operating system and future development plans of Runchip were unveiled. Accompanied by government officials, industry experts, and company executives, the company demonstrated its innovative achievements and market positioning in the field of autonomous driving technology.

At the press conference, Liu Qing, the chairman of Runchip Micro Technology, detailed the company’s product strategy plans, emphasizing the strategic focus on key technology areas such as AI operating systems, and announced the development blueprints for Suzhou and Nanjing. Chief Designer, Li Zhijun, subsequently launched the KAIROS Operating System, marking a significant step in the company’s competition in the field of smart cars.

Furthermore, Runchip Micro Technology also announced its cooperation with Suzhou University and Harbin Institute of Technology, signed strategic cooperation agreements with ICBC Investment, Suzhou Creative Investment, Xianuxxx Investment, and Hehujuxxx Capital, indicating solid capital support for the company.

Gu Haidong, a member of the Suzhou Municipal Committee, mentioned the rapid growth of Intelligent connected car enterprises in Suzhou and the significant role of Runchip in this field. The event not only demonstrated Runchip’s technological prowess but also strengthened its influence in the autonomous driving industry. The technical exhibition area outside the venue provided the attendees with a more direct understanding, showcasing the company’s latest progress in intelligent car technology.

This article is a translation by AI of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email