Chery Unveils Futuristic A8 with Advanced Technologies

On March 30, 2024, Chery Automobile launched its latest model – the Fengyun A8 Voyager. This event garnered widespread attention from the industry. The new model showcases Chery’s latest achievements in the new energy automobile sector, comes with three different configurations, and is priced at RMB 109,900, RMB 119,900 and RMB 129,900 respectively.

The Fengyun A8 Voyager is equipped with the Kunpeng Super Energy Hybrid C-DM technology, the fifth-generation ACTECO 1.5TGDI advanced hybrid engine, and the third-generation DHT continuous variable transmission. These advanced technologies deliver leading performance in fuel consumption with the WLTC 100km oil consumption being only 4.2L and the pure electric range achieving up to 127km, satisfying daily commuting and long-distance travel needs. The extended maintenance interval greatly eases users’ worries.

The Fengyun A8 Voyager can accelerate from 0 to 50 km/h in just 3.4 seconds and its highest speed can reach up to 185 km/h under high load conditions. The equipped stepless super-power electric hybrid transmission and IPB intelligent integrated braking system further enhance the vehicle’s power output and braking performance, ensuring safe and exciting driving experiences.

Safety has always been a principal concern for Chery Fengyun. The Fengyun A8 Voyager achieves excellent safety performance with a five-star global safety standard vehicle body design, a car body structure comprising 80%+ high-strength steel, and comprehensive airbag protection system which provides comprehensive safety for passengers. The Guardian Battery Safety System further enhances the vehicle’s reliability in terms of battery safety, allowing users to travel with peace of mind.

At the launch event, the Fengyun A8 Voyager underwent high-speed durability tests and teardown evaluations, two rigorous inspections to prove its superior technology and quality to the public. In the “True Environment Rotation” test, the Fengyun A8 Voyager stepped into the comprehensive car test site owned by China Automobile shares, and successfully accomplished the devilish challenge of continuous circular runs at a speed of 180km/h for an hour.

The high-speed durability test aims at examining the vehicle’s long-term stability, while the teardown evaluation demonstrates the vehicle’s finesse in the manufacturing process. These two test results earned Chery Automobile the “Top Quality Challenge Certificate” awarded by China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd.

At the unveiling, Chery Fengyun further dismantled components from the Kunpeng Super Energy Hybrid C-DM system, revealing in full detail the technological advantages of the three main hybrid-specific components. At the same time, the structural advantages of the Fengyun A8 Voyager under the global five-star safety standards and the superb craftsmanship in whole vehicle sound and heat insulation were demonstrated to the media and users. The daring act of live disassembly at the launch event shows Chery Fengyun’s commitment to providing every car of global-standard quality.

The intelligence level of the Fengyun A8 Voyager cannot be underestimated. With the industry’s flagship 8155 smart chip and a 24.6-inch floating dual-link screen, it takes only 2 seconds to boot up. It offers intelligent experiences such as voice recognition, vehicle-machine interconnection, and Lion eco-system, providing users with comprehensive entertainment and convenient services. Furthermore, the C-PURE cubic cabin pays more attention to user comfort and health, providing an all-round comfort experience for passengers.

In addition to the above, the Fengyun A8 Voyager also has superior passenger space and comfortable configuration. The longest wheelbase and full-body seats in its class, along with a large opening panoramic sunroof, offer a comfortable and luxurious driving experience for passengers. The 3.3 kW high-power external power output function provides convenience for outdoor travel, making users’ lives more convenient.

In terms of market performance, Chery Motors saw a steady increase in sales in 2023, reaching a sales volume of 138,000 units in February 2024, topping the market. This achievement reflects not only Chery’s continuous innovation in products and technology but also its strong competitive strength in the market. The launch of the Fengyun A8 Voyager marks another breakthrough and innovation in the hybrid vehicle field by Chery Fengyun. With its leading technology, excellent performance, outstanding safety and intelligent configuration, we believe this model will become an important choice for future green travels, providing users with a more convenient, safe and comfortable riding experience.

This article is a translation by AI of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email