DF Unveils PHREV Hybrid Technology, Introducing AEOLUS L7

On March 30th, 2024, the DFAC Hybrid Technology Open Day and MAHEV new car launch event were held at the Beijing National Tennis Center. Here, DFAC officially unveiled its latest research and development of DFAC MAHEV PHREV technology. This technology integrates all the advantages of pure electric, range extension, and plug-in hybrids, meeting all expectations for new energy vehicles and launching a “new generation” of hybrid technology into the world. At the same time, the first model equipped with this technology, the AEOLUS L7, made its amazing debut at the conference.

Mr. Yu Zheng, a member of the Standing Committee of the DFAC Party Committee and Deputy General Manager, delivered a speech at the press conference: “After many years of deep digging, DFAC has fully completed the strategic layout of new energy brands, platforms, products, key components, and core technology resources. Building up a luxurious ‘Mengshi’, high-end ‘VOYAH’, and mainstream ‘DFAC’ brand layout across all fields. Key core technologies such as DFAC Mengshi off-road architecture, DFAC Quantum architecture, and green energy-saving DSMA architecture are also independently controlled. In terms of patent disclosures and authorizations, we have ranked first in the industry for two consecutive years.”

DFAC MAHEV PHREV, being the first and the only one

During the event, Mr. Yang Yanding, Dean of the R&D Institute of DFAC Co., Ltd. introduced and elaborated the next-generation MAHEV PHREV hybrid technology. It has brought a new generation of hybrids into the world, defining a new standard for the industry. With a simple structure, it integrates various new energy driving modes and advantages, allowing range extension, plug-in hybridization, and pure electricity. It is more efficient than plug-in hybrids, has the pure electric driving feeling of range-extended vehicles, and solves the mileage anxiety of pure electric vehicles.

The strongest structure, adopting the world’s first integrated hybrid structure. The MAHEV PHREV employs the first integrated structure in the industry, with multi-gear series-parallel addition and power diversion, possessing 7 energy management modes, 26 subdivided working modes, a system efficiency of 93%, high-efficiency zone utilization rate reaching 95%, industry-leading, providing users with efficient and smooth driving experience.

The strongest “heart”, a hybrid-specific engine with the industry’s highest thermal efficiency of 45.18%. Its combined power is 265KW, torque reaches 615N•m, providing customers with absolutely leading surging power and ultimate fuel consumption. At present, DFAC’s reserved technology has achieved a thermal efficiency breakthrough of 47%, and it is expected to break through 48% in 2026. In addition, the preliminary study of new technology to break through 50% thermal efficiency has also begun.

The most powerful “brain”, the industry-leading i-Control intelligent electric control system. MAHEV PHREV has an industry-leading AI predictive energy management system, which will automatically match the optimal driving mode for users according to real-time traffic conditions and users’ driving habits.The ultimate “armor”, the industry’s most secure and durable battery. Mah’s battery adopts military-grade structural protection, integrates fourfold reinforcement in active safety, structural safety, and intrinsic safety of cells, along with ultra-standard N-fold limit safety tests. In addition, it has pioneered in the application of AI self-repairing algorithm, extending battery cycle life to above 2000 times, which improves 33% more than the industry’s average.

Revelation of the maiden model equiped with Mah’s PHEV – AEOLUS L7

As the maiden model equipped with Mah’s PHEV technology, it seamlessly inherits the core technical values that Mah’s PHEV offers, delivering stunning performance. The debut of AEOLUS L7 will undoubtedly bring users’ expectations to a soaring level. This model, aimed at “triple-long range intelligent hybrid SUV”, brought users a leading experience of long range, low fuel consumption, high power, high safety, and exceeding comfort.

Top-notch electric and combined ranges in its class. The AEOLUS L7, targeted at “triple-long range intelligent hybrid SUV”, offers purely electric and combined ranges of 205km and 1500km, respectively. Daily commuting with a purely electric range of 205km means only one charge per week, presenting more peace of mind; 1500km combined range brings besides poetry and distance, a homey comfort. Additionally, the vehicle comes with a fast-charge feature, 30% – 80% battery charging in just 26 minutes that’s 25% faster than the industry average – providing further convenience to users’ travel.

Ultra-low fuel consumption, super-power, and ultra-smooth shifting. Thanks to Mah’s PHEV, AEOLUS L7 not only has a significant range lead, but also achieves the lowest fuel consumption while accelerating faster than its peers. AEOLUS L7’s 0-100km acceleration is at the level of 6 seconds, also a class-leading. With a maximum power of 265kW, peak torque of 615N·m, the regenerative power is continuous, and its hill climb and overtaking abilities are 50% higher than its peers. Such vigorous power brings along 3.8L/100km regenerative fuel consumption (NEDC) and 0.56L/100km combined fuel consumption (WLTC), representing energy efficiency and being the lowest in its class. The new car adopts ECVT variable speed regulation to ensure steady power output during acceleration and deceleration, achieving zero jolt during shifting, ensuring no motion sickness.

AEOLUS L7 equipped with high-safety Mah battery. The system cycle life is over 2000 times and has undergone testing under the most challenging global standards of land, sea, and air, bringing the most reliable protection for a safe journey.

Enhanced technological and fashionable Light Year Journey design aesthetic. AEOLUS L7 measures 4685mm in length, 1905mm in width, 1625mm in height, and 2775mm in wheelbase. AEOLUS L7’s design inspiration comes from the “Light Year Journey”, with the concept of “physical change of light” sculpting the body lines, and “long-term companionship” infusing warmth into the design. The front face uses angles and LED lights to outline a pair of dynamic wings, coupled with intelligent welcome interaction lights. Once ignited, it displays two adorable ‘tiger teeth’, adding an emotional expression to the technology. The aerodynamic body waistline and the coupe-style back, paired with the V-wing tail and high-position brake lights, resemble a taking-off jet, erupting with a powerful sense of beauty.The high-quality intelligent cockpit brings users an ultra-comfortable driving experience. Ergonomic seats in the front and rear rows support and conform to your body shape, ensuring that you don’t tire easily even on long journeys, making comfort your faithful companion. With the independent amplifier and 13 loudspeakers that create a 360-degree surround sound, it’s like being in a small music theater – groove to Wang Feng in the city or enjoy traveling with Xu Wei on long journeys.

A smarter, safer tech experience. The AEOLUS L7 by DF is equipped with the WindLink OS 3.0 intelligent cockpit. A whole set comes with Qualcomm 8155 chip + 14.6 inch LCD screen + 10.25 inch LCD instrument screen providing a minimal yet stylish “instrument panel” and a functional “control panel”. All these high-powered components help create an excellent level of interaction: with millisecond voice response speed, the cockpit interaction experience is smoother. In addition, the new car also supports L2 autonomous driving assistance and FOTA upgrade function, allowing driving to be more relaxed, convenient and always up-to-date.

The debut of DF’s MACH-PHREV technology and the stunning new AEOLUS L7 undoubtedly injects new vitality and anticipation into the auto industry. These two major innovations not only showcase DF’s strong capabilities and exceptional innovative ability in new energy technology but also foretell an unprecedented travel experience for users. DFAC will continue to accelerate technological advancements and innovations, contributing to China’s dream of becoming an automotive powerhouse.

This article is a translation by AI of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email bd@42how.com.