Report on Synchronized Development of Vehicle-Road-City System: A Guide for China?

At the 2024 China Electric Vehicle 100 forum on March 15, the report “Study on the Development Mode and Path of the Vehicle-Road-City Collaborative System”, jointly compiled by the China Electric Vehicle 100 and other units, was released. It aims to provide guidance and suggestions for the further development of China’s new energy vehicle industry.

The report points out that the vehicle-road-city collaboration system is a key link in the development of the new energy vehicle industry, which includes two aspects: the technical system and the ecological system. The former focuses on infrastructure construction and the latter involves application promotion, platform building, and the formulation of policies and standards. The report emphasizes that the construction of such systems is of great significance for enhancing China’s vehicle industry’s overall level and international competitiveness.

In terms of infrastructure, the report proposes the construction approach of “breadth-first, depth-later” and recommends iterative construction in non-benchmark cities to achieve national coverage and optimization. Regarding the application system, it advocates rolling construction and recommends promoting mature applications first to ensure system stability and efficiency.

The report also presented specific ideas for the construction of the vehicle-road-city collaborative platform, including promoting interoperability across regional platforms to encourage information sharing and resource integration. Additionally, the report discussed the development path of the policy and standard system and suggested improvements to the regulatory system and standard specification coordination.

Lastly, the report analyzed the investment, construction, and operation model of the Vehicle-Road-City collaboration, identified types of this model, and recommended establishing a city-level construction and operation entity and promoting the transition of infrastructure to business-oriented.

In summary, this comprehensive, in-depth report provides vital references for industry planning and policy formulation in China’s new energy vehicle sector. With the continuous improvement of the Vehicle-Road-City collaborative system, China’s new energy vehicle industry is expected to embrace broader development prospects.

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