Exploring the Role of Nanxinwei's Chips in EVs Future

From March 15th to 17th, the 10th China EV100 Forum was held at Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, bringing together industry experts to discuss the future development path of the new energy vehicle industry. The core discussions focused on how to consolidate and expand China’s development advantage in the field of electric vehicles, as well as in-depth analysis of industry upheavals in the digital age.

As a pioneer in the field of electric vehicles, China is facing innovative challenges brought about by the deep development of digital technologies. Given this context, the evolution of automotive electronic and electrical architecture puts forth higher demands on chip technology. Wang Shengyang, founder of Nanxin Micro, shared the key roles and development trends of analog chips in automotive intelligence at the forum.

Nanxin Micro provides chip technology that focuses on meeting the needs of new energy vehicles for high performance and smart control. The company has launched a switch chip with multi-channel and low conduction impedance characteristics, and an eFuse chip with intelligent distribution curve control functions for body domain controllers. In the field of motor control, Nanxin Micro provides a variety of motor drive chip solutions to meet the needs of different vehicle applications.

To enhance the robustness of the on-board communication system, Nanxin Micro has also launched the automotive-grade CAN SIC chip. In addition, as the importance of vehicle lighting systems for safety and personal expression increases, Nanxin Micro’s LED drive chips meet the increased demand for LED bead counts through integrated multiple channels, current driving capability, and circuit protection functions.

The need for efficient thermal management systems in new energy vehicles is growing, and Nanxin Micro’s NSUC1610 small motor control SoC is designed for such applications. The company also provides comprehensive solutions in sensors, signal chains, power management, and other areas to support the overall development of the new energy vehicle industry.

Wang Shengyang stressed that as China’s new energy vehicle ownership has exceeded 20 million units, the domestic market’s demand for high-quality auto chips is increasingly growing. As a local chip manufacturer, Nanxin Micro is committed to supporting and promoting the continuous progress of the new energy vehicle industry through innovative technology.

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