MEGA Car Owner's Choice: From Benz and LI to Start-up Brands

“The ‘Highway Bullet Train” has finally arrived. On March 11th, the MEGA started its first day of delivery. For this, we interviewed a car owner to understand his considerations for choosing MEGA. Now, let’s pass the microphone to the car owner.

  • Interviewee: Principal
  • Introduction: Former Benz E Class, LI ONE owner, now L8 owner, freelancer

The following is the main content of the interview, edited without changing the original meaning.

Car Purchase Decision —— Already quite used to cars from LI

Q: Did you buy the MEGA as an additional purchase or a replacement? What vehicle needs does it solve?

It is an additional purchase. Currently, I have an L8, and there was a LI ONE before.

The vehicle needs to be solved are first, sometimes our family needs to travel with 6/7 people, and the space of the L8 is not enough; secondly, compared to MEGA, the L8’s suspension cannot meet my needs anymore, MEGA is great, and I feel that the L8 in many places can no longer compare with MEGA.

Q: What car did you drive before the LI ONE? Why did you switch to the LI ONE?

Before the LI ONE, I drove a Benz E Class. I bought the LI ONE mainly because I drove a friend’s LI ONE three times. After driving it, I felt it was completely different from the Benz E Class, like the difference between Nokia and Apple phones, and I also paid a lot of attention to and liked the brand LI, so I decisively sold my Benz E Class and switched to the LI ONE.

Q: Apart from the MEGA, which other MPVs have you seen? Why did you finally choose MEGA?

Besides MEGA, I also looked at the ZEEKR 009 and DENZA D9.

I chose MEGA in the end mainly because of the LI brand. When LI was still in the PPT stage, I started to pay attention to LI and later bought its LI ONE. Over the years, I have been digging deep into this company, and I also have a profound driving experience. I feel that this company can give users practical features, such as OTA, and basically have new stuff every month.

Therefore, I think LI is a company that works with heart, and as its sales continue to rise, it has also become a financially stable and safe company.

Moreover, LI has already dominated my driving environment, and I think switching to another brand of car for a smart car is a high learning cost. I already like the Russian doll interior of LI, including its vehicle machine and screen layout, which is very handy to use.

On pure electric views —— 4C or 2C is actually enough

Q: Would you be worried about the problem that LI’s 5C supercharging pile is not enough and the power supplement experience is not good?

I already own two range-extending cars, and seventy or eighty percent of my driving is within urban areas, so I feel that the range extender’s battery is not enough and charging is too frequent.Secondly, there is a limited number of LI 5C charging stations currently, but it won’t be the case in the future. I believe focusing on electric is a mandatory strategic direction for LI. Given the robust financial standing of LI, I don’t think setting up charging stations should be a significant challenge for them.

In conclusion, I don’t mind slower charging speeds in urban areas. I might visit a shopping center once a week or every two weeks to have a meal and recharge at the same time. In fact, rates of 4C or 2C would suffice for my needs.

Q: Are you likely to take long road trips in your MEGA with your family, including elderly and children? If so, are you concerned about the inconvenience of waiting for a recharge?

Yes, I would take long road trips. However, I am not concerned about the inconvenience that waiting for a charge could bring for the elderly and children.

Our family trips are usually relaxed and without strict schedules. Particularly for the elderly members of my family, they would rather wait for the EV to charge than refuel it. If needed, we can simply take another round of sightseeing or have a meal. The kids are also quite grown-up, well into their teens, and they won’t throw a fuss for having to wait for the EV to be charged.

Also, I am a freelancer. Therefore, we don’t typically follow others’ pattern of traveling during holidays, which means we don’t really need to worry about charging infrastructure being overwhelmed.

Views on the product — MEGA’s design is revolutionary

Q: Are you disappointed that MEGA does not come equipped with features like electric suction doors and rear-wheel steering?

It comes down to personal preferences. Features like rear-wheel steering could become handy under extreme conditions, but regarding my usage scenarios, I don’t need them that much.

Q: How do you see that MEGA has not upgraded its interior?

I have had many discussions with BEN, the chief designer of MEGA. When it comes to design, there is no absolute right or wrong; whether going for luxury or minimalism is based on how the designer perceives the product. If it is simple and straightforward, it is likely to be right.

It is a matter of personal preference, like home decoration: some people prefer minimalism, some others enjoy European style. Minimalistic ≠ lack of sophistication or classiness.

To me, simplicity indicates cleanliness, which is less likely to be phased out with the times. Take the previous generation luxurious SUVs for example, those with loads of solid wood or other decorations used on the inside, were behind the curve pretty fast due to aesthetic fatigue.

Q: How would you evaluate the exterior of MEGA?

I believe MEGA’s design is revolutionary. I favor unique aesthetics instead of conforming to the mass preference. Hence, I don’t adhere to stereotypical thoughts on MPV design. It should not be confined to a certain category; instead, we should choose the product that fits our needs.

The innovation and creativity from zero to one in MEGA’s design is truly impressive. In the automobile industry, there should always be trendsetters, leaders in design, or creators of iconic signs of eras. Invariability leads to regression rather than progressions in humankind.

Views on intelligence — Fear that LI could become complacent

Q: Are you a frequent user of LI’s intelligent driving features?The use of my assisted driving spans across highways and urban areas, racking up to approximately 50%-60% of its overall usage. Experiencing MEGA’s intelligent driving marks a tremendous upgrade from my LI L8 Pro, especially considering the L8 Pro lacks laser radar.

Q: What score would you give to LI’s level of intelligence?

90 out of 100. I withhold the remaining 10 points to avoid making LI overly complacent.

Q: What does your child like the most about MEGA?

Comfort. My child doesn’t pay attention to the handling, as long as he feels comfortable sitting in the car, he’s content. Further, he’s quite intrigued by the interior screen and LI’s voice assistant.

Straight Up Flagship

Q: Since having MEGA, have you discovered anything particularly surprising?

MEGA’s chassis is exceptional, especially after being equipped with double chamber air suspension. Its setting is on point, offering a stronger resilience and bounce control compared to the single chamber air suspension in the L8.

Q: Would you consider LI’s cars in the future?

If I plan to switch cars, I’d likely choose LI again. Just as with operating systems, I got used to Windows and wouldn’t switch to macOS unless there’s a special necessity.

After buying the L8, I regretted not opting for the flagship model, L9. So, when MEGA was introduced, I purchased the flagship model thoroughly. Now, I don’t have to consider future M 7/8/9 models nor the new models from the L series.

This article is a translation by AI of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email