Is Avatr 12, a Collaboration of CCAG, Huawei and CATL, a Game Changer?

In November of last year, Avatr 12 officially hit the market, causing quite a stir.

Serving as a purely electric vehicle built on the combined efforts of CCAG, Huawei and CATL, the Avatr 12’s product strength is extremely competitive in the current market.

As the core component of pure electric vehicles, the battery is undeniably imperative when talking about the competitiveness of new energy vehicle products.

On February 29th, Avatr gave us a closer look at the battery product prowess of the Avatr 12 through a live stream.

The battery of the Avatr 12 employs CATL’s advanced battery technology, leveraging CTP integration technology to boost the battery’s energy density to 178 Wh/kg. Thanks to a unique “submersion” battery pack design, passenger comfort is enhanced due to the optimization of rear-seat space.

Moreover, the Avatr 12’s battery pack has a capacity of 94.5 kWh, demonstrating its competitiveness among similar vehicle models. CATL’s BMS battery management system further safeguards the battery’s performance, securing its stable operation under varied circumstances. Rigorous safety and performance tests have been conducted on the battery pack to meet the IP68 dustproof and waterproof standards, showing the maturity and reliability of the battery technology.

The Avatr 12 also incorporates an 800V high-voltage platform compatible with Huawei’s liquid-cooling supercharging technology, further cutting down on charge time. With the charging power reaching 600 kW and the charging current up to 600 A, it provides users with a swift charging experience.

At the same time, the dainty design of Huawei’s liquid-cooled charging gun allows it to be easily picked up with one hand, even by women, simultaneously reducing the noise during the charging process, thereby improving user experience. Plus, the charging station has passed the hydraulic pulse test to ensure the safety of the charging process.

In addition to battery technology, the Avatr 12 is equipped with intelligent cockpit and driving systems, providing drivers with convenient and safe driving assistance. All in all, the performance of Avatr 12 electric car in areas such as battery technology, charging convenience and smart configuration will further enhance its mark in the new energy vehicle market.

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