Is Chery EV's iCAR 03 a game changer for young drivers?

On February 28th, 2024, iCAR brand from Chery EV launched its first model, the iCAR 03, a full-aluminum four-wheel-drive SUV aimed at younger consumers. The iCAR 03 comes in six models, with prices ranging from CNY 109,800 to CNY 169,800.

The iCAR 03 adopts a boxy exterior design, creating a unique visual effect and reflecting a minimalist yet modern design concept. The vehicle’s full-aluminum body structure offers higher torsional rigidity, reaching 31812N・m/deg, contributing to better stability and safety during driving.

As for the power system, the four-wheel-drive version of the iCAR 03 is equipped with the iWD Intelligent Electrical Control Four-Wheel-Drive system, with a peak power of 205kW and a wheel-side torque of up to 4100N・m, allowing the vehicle to accelerate from zero to 100 km/h in just 6.5 seconds. These performance figures highlight the iCAR 03’s power advantages and meet the younger consumer’s pursuit of driving fun.

Intelligent driving technology is another highlight of the iCAR 03. The vehicle comes with L2++ level intelligent driving assistance features, including 16 active safety configurations of ADAS, providing comprehensive safety guarantees for drivers. Additionally, the iCAR 03 supports OTA (Over-The-Air) technology upgrades, allowing vehicle owners to enjoy continuous system optimization and personalized settings.

To provide a more comprehensive driving experience, the iCAR 03 offers 8 + X full road condition driving modes, meaning that the vehicle can adapt to various driving environments and road conditions. During the launch event, the Vice General Manager of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. and General Manager of iCAR brand division, Zhang Hongyu emphasized that the iCAR 03 aims to provide young consumers with a high cost-performance intelligent driving experience.

As a commitment to consumers, iCAR 03 owners will enjoy lifelong vehicle and three-electric (battery, motor, and electronic control) quality guarantees, as well as free rescue services, which is an attractive incentive in the current new energy vehicle market. As for the battery, the iCAR 03 uses CATL-supplied cells, a choice that ensures the quality and reliability of the battery.
In general, the launch of iCAR 03 offers a new selection for the new energy vehicle market, combining design, performance, and intelligent technology. Particularly targeting young consumers who pursue cost-effectiveness and an intelligent driving experience, iCAR 03 is expected to become a strong competitor.

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