Is TANK 700 Hi4-T, the New Flagship of Great Wall Automobile, a Game Changer?

On February 26, the latest flagship model – TANK 700 Hi4-T under the TANK brand of Great Wall Automobile officially came to market, further enriching its product line in the field of new energy vehicles. The price range of the new model is set between ¥428,000 and ¥700,000, aiming to meet the car buying needs of different consumers.

The power system of the TANK 700 Hi4-T model is a major highlight, equipped with a 3.0T V6 engine and a P2 hybrid power system, showcasing the innovative capabilities of Great Wall Automobile in the field of power technology. The dimensions and wheelbase of the vehicle, with a length of 5090 mm, a width of 2061 mm, a height of 1952 mm and a wheelbase of 3000mm, provide spacious interior space, while also ensuring stability in different road conditions.

In terms of suspension system, the vehicle is equipped with an electronically detachable stabilizer bar, air springs, and CDC electromagnetic shock absorbers. The addition of these high-end configurations undoubtedly enhances the comfort and off-road performance of the vehicle. In terms of design, the TANK 700 Hi4-T model adopts the EVERUS concept, its body lines are full, displaying a rugged and luxurious beauty.

In terms of safety, the chassis of the TANK 700 Hi4-T is made of high-strength steel, has a high torsional rigidity, meaning that in the event of a collision, the vehicle can better protect the safety of passengers.

In addition, relying on the Hi4-T’s leading architectural design, the TANK 700 Hi4-T fixes the battery inside the longitudinal and transverse beams of the chassis and upper part of the floor. Through architectural design, the possibility of the battery being impacted is completely avoided. The leading structure design allows the battery pack to withstand three times the vibration impact required according to national standards, effectively resisting impacts from the front, rear and side. It has established three shields for battery protection, vehicle protection, and cloud 24h detection, enhancing battery safety.

Apart from introducing the model itself, Great Wall Automobile also announced the establishment of the Great Wall Automobile Charity Rescue Foundation at the press conference. The establishment of the foundation signifies not only the continuous breakthroughs of Great Wall Automobile in terms of product innovation, but also their corporate care in terms of social responsibility, aiming to provide emergency assistance to Great Wall Automobile users, solidifying relationships between the brand and consumers.

Overall, the launch of the TANK 700 Hi4-T not only reflects the strength of Great Wall Automobile in the field of new energy technology, but also further proves the company’s competitiveness in the global off-road new energy vehicle market – its subsequent market performance is worth looking forward to.

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