Can Hyper’s GT Autonomous Tech Challenge Tesla?

On February 27, 2024, Hyper launched the Hyper GT Advanced Autopilot 3L version, starting at 259.9 thousand.

The highlight of the Hyper GT Advanced Autopilot 3L version is its L3 autonomous driving capabilities, indicating the vehicle’s ability to drive autonomously under specific conditions, hence reducing the driver’s operational burden.

To achieve this level of autopilot, Hyper is equipped with three Lidar sensors. These Lidars can achieve a perception range exceeding 300° and provide high detection accuracy, granting the vehicle all-round environmental perception capabilities.

In addition to hardware configurations, the Hyper GT also integrates advanced perception and control algorithms, ensuring the decision-making and execution of the autonomous driving system to be more precise and reliable. To further enhance the safety of the system, Hyper designed eight redundant systems and a five-layer monitoring system to ensure that the vehicle can maintain normal operation or safely park when key components fail.

Hyper’s commitment to safety has received international standards recognition, achieving ISO 21448 anticipatory function safety management system certification and ISO 26262 function safety management system certification. These certifications indicate that Hyper follows rigorous safety management systems and engineering practices in the development and implementation of autonomous driving technology, providing users with additional confidence and assurance.

The launch of the Hyper GT Advanced Autopilot 3L version not only showcases Hyper’s technical accumulation and market layout in the field of autonomous driving but also provides consumers with a window to explore and experience the future of autonomous driving. With the continuous advancement of autonomous driving technology and the gradual maturity of the market, Hyper is expected to continue to play an important role in the new energy vehicle industry.

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