SGMW launches new generation of spacious new energy commercial vehicle

On January 31, SGMW officially announced its brand-new next-generation extra-large space new energy commercial vehicle – SGMW Yǎngguāng, the first new energy commercial vehicle built on a brand-new native new energy platform. And the new vehicle is initially equipped with SGMW Red No.1 Battery, it is the first commercial vehicle battery in its class to use liquid cooling technology. This battery uses MUST ultra-thin structure technology with a thickness of only 148mm, the thinnest commercial vehicle battery in the industry, it further gives concessions to the cargo space in the cargo box. The SGMW Red No.1 Battery is now in official mass production.

In recent years, under the guidance of the “dual-carbon” policy, the state has continuously strengthened policy support for the new energy commercial vehicle industry, promoting high-quality development of the new energy commercial vehicle industry. According to data from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, commercial vehicle sales in 2023 will be 4.031 million units, an increase of 22% year-on-year. Among them, the sales of new energy commercial vehicles are 447,000 units, with an overall penetration rate of 11.1%. Although the market signals are very clear, the penetration rate of new energy in the commercial vehicle market is still relatively low compared to the passenger car market, and there is still a lot of room for growth in the future.

“SGMW’s car-making history is a microcosm of the country’s economic development history.” For decades, SGMW has been actively responding to the national policy call, complying with the national development needs, and serving as a boost for China’s economic development. From the “most important car on Earth” SGMW Zhiguang, to the SGMW Rongguang leading the era of mini vans, and to the epoch-making SGMW Hongguang, SGMW has always deeply observed market trends, accurately grasped the market pulse, and accurately met user needs. Now, in the wave of new energy commercial vehicle development,

To further accelerate the transformation of the new energy commercial vehicle industry and meet the new generation of users’ requirements for new energy commercial vehicles that “need to be safe and reliable, able to load and run, and save energy and earn”; based on more than forty years of deep ploughing in the commercial vehicle field, SGMW has brought the Yǎngguāng, a brand-new next-generation extra-large space new energy commercial vehicle. The new vehicle is designed with a brand-new generation of new energy commercial vehicle design language, the front is passenger-oriented and dynamic, combined with the square and hard-edged tail style to create a dynamic forward-rushing posture; the dimensions are 498518001975 mm, wheelbase 3050 mm, the only one in the same class equipped LED headlights with fog lamps. Furthermore, the new vehicle offers two exterior colors—Mountain Sea Blue Gray and Polar White.

The SGMW Yǎngguāng features a massive 6.5m³ space, leading its class; with a cargo compartment length of 2830 mm, a maximum width of 1680 mm, a height of 1365 mm, its cargo volume greatly exceeds that of its competitors. The vehicle is built with a much stronger high-strength cage-shaped body, equipped with 12 layers of reinforced tire fabric of the largest size in its class, having extraordinary load capacity. While meeting the user’s requirements for cargo, the SGMW Yǎngguāng adopts Ergonomic design to provide users with a more comfortable and safe driving experience. It is equipped with a driver-class professional cockpit, whether it is the shoulder, elbow, buttock, or vertical head, the performance is better than competitors, offering extreme driving comfort. What people need, SGMW builds.

As a groundbreaking, spacious, new energy commercial vehicle, Wuling Yangguang is the first to be equipped with the Wuling Hong 1 Battery, specially developed for new energy commercial vehicles. This battery hosts one core system- the Super Intelligent Feiliu temperature control system as well as two leading technologies – MUST lightweight structure technology and pioneering durable cell technology. With long-range capability, high safety, resistance to decay, and extreme durability, it provides an effective solution to customer pain points, promising top-tier reliability.

Super Intelligent Feiliu temperature control system: With precise temperature management and efficient recharging supported by the Super Intelligent Feiliu temperature control system, the Wuling Hong 1 Battery provides more efficient recharging and an extended battery lifespan. Within the fast-charging range, it achieves a rapid charge from 30% to 80% in only 30 minutes. As the first battery in its class to use liquid cooling technology, the Wuling Hong 1 Battery comes with the innovative Feiliu Super Intelligent Temperature Control System, consisting of Feiliu Liquid Cooling Structure, Intelligent Temperature Control System, and Feiliu Heat Preservation Mechanism.

The Feiliu Liquid Cooling Structure employs a 9-channel parallel design, promising substantially reduced fluid resistance. Its multi-channel high-speed cooling fluid circulation ensures uniform and efficient heating and cooling, reducing charging losses. During charging, the Intelligent Temperature Control System provides real-time intelligent sensing of battery temperature for precise control, allowing charging and discharging within an optimal temperature range. This system leads to optimized charging efficiency, reduced battery lifespan decay, and enhanced battery lifespan. The Wuling Hong 1 Battery is not only efficient at recharging, but it also achieves a leading class rank in low-temperature endurance. The Feiliu heat preservation mechanism continuously insulates the battery after a full charge under low-temperature conditions, providing optimal power and superior low-temperature endurance at the next use. While reducing energy consumption, it keeps the battery at the optimal working temperature all the time, improving low-temperature range. This ensures the Wuling Hong 1 Battery is not only efficient at recharging but also achieves a leading class rank in low-temperature endurance.

MUST super thin and lightweight architecture technology: Industry’s thinnest commercial vehicle battery. Wuling Hong 1 Battery has innovatively utilized MUST super lightweight structure technology, effectively reducing battery maintenance costs and creating an ultra-large cargo space through the integration of pioneering material innovation and novel structural designs. This multi-functional high-strength integration provided by MUST super lightweight structure technology increases battery pack strength by more than 60%, like as if the battery is dressed in an “exoskeleton”. Using an aircraft wing-derived ultra-lightweight, high-strength design, this battery enables high-density, detachable, and easy maintenance, effectively reducing battery maintenance costs; this indeed benefits new energy commercial vehicle users. Under the enhancement of MUST Super Lightweight Structure Technology, the Wuling Hong 1 Battery also integrates structure beams, side panels, and heat management functions, exquisitely compressing battery volume. The battery thickness is only 148 mm, making it the thinnest commercial battery in the industry, reducing the thickness by over 28% compared to its counterparts, which greatly releases the in-car space, and improves the space utilization of commercial vehicles. Super Durable Cell Technology: More reliable and robust, and provides long-lasting safety.

As a brand that ingrains safety into its DNA, the SGMW Red 1 battery has achieved unrivaled safety standards. Leveraging the brand’s solid reputation for producing millions of new-energy vehicles without spontaneous combustion, SGMW elevates safety to a higher level with its Red 1 battery. The Red 1 employs a super-durable technology, integrating quick charging, resistance to deterioration and advanced safety techniques. This combination significantly enhances the battery’s durability, making it quicker, long-lasting and safer.

The Red 1 incorporates the highest level of flame-resistant materials to protect the battery pack, and uses a ceramic coating to prevent thermal runaway. Through innovating and optimizing the internal structure of cells, the solid-liquid interface, and materials systems, the battery mitigates spontaneous discharge and lithium plating at the cell top, thanks to its insulation and surplus overhang designs. With the use of CCD high-accuracy detection technology and 100% x-ray inspection technology, every single cell’s quality is assured, eliminating the potential for internal short-circuiting. Furthermore, the battery has demonstrated its strength through deformations tests, and it maintains regular charging and discharging, even when faced with extreme situations like a steel needle puncturing the cell or high internal temperatures leading to a short-circuit, without any fire or explosion incidents.

The SGMW Red 1 battery breaks industry standards by rejecting the one-size-fits-all testing philosophy. It ensures the safety of its cells at any given moment. On the safety foundation, the Red 1 employs a novel graphite coating particle technology for its cells, and takes advantage of low impedance negative electrode interface construct technology, achieving a perfect balance between quick charging performance and resistance to high-temperature strains. In addition to increasing charging efficiency, the Red 1 employs high-stable SEI membrane technology and a low-defect graphite anode liquid coating technology to guard the battery’s stability and safety. This assistance substantially enhances the cell’s electrochemical performance and stability, promoting a longer battery lifespan. Results of extensive trials indicate that after more than 4000 full-charge cycles, the Red 1 cell still maintains over 80% of its lifespan, leading the industry in anti-aging performance.

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