DENZA's Ambitious Expansion Plan for 2024

On February 1st, DENZA Automotive organized a customer communication day in Shenzhen, during which Zhao Changjiang, the Chief Co-creation Officer and General Manager of DENZA Sales Division, elaborated on DENZA’s operational achievements in 2023 and its development strategy for 2024.

In 2023, DENZA Automotive’s total sales exceeded 120,000 units, the delivery volume of its flagship model DENZA D9 has achieved a milestone of 100,000 units, making it the domestically delivered MPV with the highest number in 2023.

With the strong sales performance of DENZA D9, the average selling price of DENZA exceeded 400,000 in 2023, even higher than that of BBA.

Furthermore, on the basis of Tianjin Eye and Yun-Ni-A, DENZA N7 has made significant progress in intelligent driving. High-speed NOA has been pushed at present, and city NOA based on high-precision map will be introduced in the first quarter of the year.

Regarding the establishment of the sales network, DENZA Automotive has established more than 370 direct-operated stores nationwide, covering more than 135 cities. It plans to further expand service points and increase user activities in 2024 to enhance brand influence and customer satisfaction.

In terms of safety, DENZA Automotive emphasized the structural safety performance of its vehicles. DENZA D9 uses high-strength steel materials, and the rear collision steel beam has a large coverage area, which enhances the passive safety of the vehicle.

Moreover, the good performance of DENZA N7 in night AEB and snow driving tests highlighted the company’s emphasis on active vehicle safety technology. The company also pays attention to information security and cabin environment security to ensure comprehensive safety for users.

To put a perfect end to the experience of DENZA customers in 2023, DENZA Automotive has also introduced a New Year gift package.

Moving into 2024, DENZA Automotive will actively promote its internationalization strategy. According to Zhao Changjiang, DENZA Automotive will enter Hong Kong, Macao and European markets this year.

Currently, DENZA Automotive has become the official partner of the 2024 UEFA European Championship, which will play an essential role in enhancing its international presence.

It’s worth noting that DENZA D9 has received orders in Japan, with prices up to 800,000 yuan.

In terms of smartification, Zhao Changjiang stated that DENZA Automotive will strive to roll out major OTAs every quarter this year, and will also introduce three new flagship models in the product line.In summary, DENZA will face the relentless competition and ongoing price war in 2024 with high-speed/city NOA models and the introduction of three top-of-the-range vehicles, creating a foundation of greater confidence and ambition. With the backing of new energy industry leader BYD, how much momentum DENZA automotive can generate in 2024 is something to look forward to.

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