AITO's OTA Upgrade Makes City Driving Assistance Nationwide Tesla Model Y Welcomes Upgrades Including New Autopilot Hardware HW4.0

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AITO Series Cars Get OTA Upgrade for Nationwide Driveable Smart Driving

On February 2nd, AITO series cars launched an OTA upgrade, featuring 12 new functions and more than 12 enhancements in user experience, according to a press release from HarmonyOS Driving App.

The most significant upgrade in this OTA is the nationwide adaptive smart driving. This feature does not depend on precise maps and is compatible with all types of city roads (main/secondary/branch), national roads, county roads, and village roads. It covers 99% of available routes.

Some drivers have set their navigation for a route that crosses China without using highways, and 99% of the whole journey can utilize smart driving. In other words, it is virtually possible to drive on any road.

The second major upgrade is the proactive safety features for both forward and lateral directions. The forward AEB stopping reaction maxes out at 120 km/h. The lateral proactive safety is also enhanced. Between 40 km/h and 120 km/h, the car will activate an emergency intervention if there is a risk of collision with sideway obstacles like water horses, A-frames, curbs, barriers, etc.

Other functional upgrades include:

– Enhanced lane cruising assist (LCC Plus), which recognizes traffic lights and can stop/start accordingly.

– Intelligent speed matching to traffic flow without under-speeding or over-speeding.

– Upgraded ADS 3D view to recognize specific vehicles.

– Added a smart driving status island showing intent on the map.

– Added a passability enhancement feature to improve obstacle avoidance efficiency.

– Upgraded valet parking assist (AVP).

– Upgraded intelligent parking assist (APA), enhancing parking efficiency by 10%.

– Introduced Huawei smart driving app, displaying merged navigation routes for smart/human driving.

– Integrated Billi’s smart refueling system, allowing users to select fuel grades and refueling amount from inside the vehicle.

– Upgrade of Billi’s voice command system, can control NetEase Cloud Music and Cool Dog Music functions.

Tesla Model Y Gets Update

On February 1st, Tesla Model Y received an update, with two main changes. Firstly, it is now equipped with the brand-new AutoPilot assist hardware HW4.0, which includes next-generation computing chips and perception hardware. Secondly, the Model Y has introduced new colors – cosmos gray, quicksilver, and fierce red.The price of upgraded models remain unchanged, with the rear-wheel drive, dual motor, long-range and high-performance models priced at RMB 258,900, RMB 299,900, and RMB 363,900 respectively.

In particular, the new generation of autonomous driving assistance hardware HW4.0 has seen a 5-fold increase in its chip processing power, as well as changes to its sensors. The previous three front-facing cameras have now been replaced with two, with the furthest detectable distance at 424 meters, and the blind spot monitor camera resolution upgraded to 5 million pixels. Moreover, ultrasonic radar has been removed from HW 4.0.

The three new body color options – Starry Grey, Quicksilver, and Flame Red – are available as an optional extra, priced at RMB 12,000.

### AITO Sales Outperform LI Auto in January

Following the sales peak in December, companies have experienced varying degrees of decline in January sales. However, notably, AITO’s series of vehicles outsold LI Auto, becoming the new industry leader for the month’s sales. Specific data for Chinese new energy branded vehicles are as follows:

  • AITO’s series of vehicles delivered 32,973 units. Among them, the new M7 model alone delivered 31,253 units in January.

  • LI Auto delivered 31,165 units in January, a year-on-year increase of 105.8%. LI Auto’s cumulative delivery volume has reached 664,529 units.

  • DEEPAL delivered 17,042 units in January.

  • ZEEKR delivered 12,537 units in January, a year-on-year increase of 302%.

  • LEAPMOTOR delivered 12,277 units in January. Meanwhile, the new model C10 has received over 23,500 pre-orders and will be available for test rides in stores starting from February, with a prospective launch in early March.

  • NIO delivered 10,055 new vehicles in January, a year-on-year increase of 18.2%. With this achievement, NIO’s total delivery volume has reached 459,649 units.

  • HOZON delivered 10,032 units in January, 2,821 of which were for overseas markets.

  • DENZA sold 9,068 units in January, with DENZA D9 and N7 sales at 8,501 and 320 respectively, plus 247 for model N8.

  • Xpeng delivered 8,250 units in January, 2,478 of which were model X9.

  • avatr delivered 7,059 units in January, 2,038 of which were model 11, and 5,021 were the model 12.

  • IM sold 5,305 units in January, with LS6 sales accounting for 4,766, making up 89.8% of total sales.

  • VOYAH delivered 7,041 new vehicles in January, a year-on-year increase of 355%.

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