At the 2023 Guangzhou International Auto Show, British car manufacturer LOTUS attracted widespread attention in the industry, with the Asian debut of its first all-electric supercar, the Emeya. The design concept and performance parameters of the Emeya were hot topics of discussion.

The Emeya’s design features a 50:50 LI weight axle ratio and a mid-mounted engine layout – a classic design contributing to exceptional handling performance. In terms of appearance, the car has sleek lines, reflecting LOTUS’ homage to its brand history. Under the hood, the Emeya boosts a maximum output power of 675 kW, and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/hr in just 2.78 seconds, a performance indicator that’s highly competitive in its class.

Technologically, the Emeya utilizes an EPA 800V high-performance electrical architecture, as well as efficient silicon carbide power modules. These features not only guarantee power output but also support rapid charging technology, capable of charging the battery from 10% to 80% in only 15 minutes, significantly reducing waiting times for users.

In addition to the Emeya, LOTUS also showcased its electric-assist bicycle, the Type 136. The bicycle is characterized by a lightweight design, weighing in at only 9.8 kilograms, with an equipped motor providing up to 3 hours of assistance. Type 136’s electric-assist version and the mechanical version are priced at RMB 178,600 and 138,600 respectively, with a platinum limited edition of only 136 units worldwide, reflecting LOTUS’ pursuit of product uniquity.

All in all, LOTUS’s display at the auto show underscored its technological advancements in the realm of all-electric driving and commitment to the development of future intelligent cars. The company has committed to ongoing investment in intelligent technologies, with the aim of providing consumers with a pure driving experience. This strategy not only showcases LOTUS’s continuous pursuit of innovation but also provides a new direction for the automotive industry’s transformation.

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