VOLVO's Luxury Electric MPV EM90 Premieres: A Mobile Living Space?

On November 12th, VOLVO’s first pure electric luxury MPV EM90 made its global debut and opened for pre-orders from customers in the mainland China area.

The official retail price for VOLVO EM90 is RMB 818,000, along with a range of car purchasing benefits, including home charging stations, all-scene charging services, privileged usage and maintenance services, and exclusive online concierge services, etc.

From a product standpoint, VOLVO EM90 aims to provide a mobile living travel space, hoping to connect emotions, inspire creativity, and relax the mind and body through design.

In terms of exterior design, VOLVO EM90 has set a new style standard in the MPV field. Its iconic front face and unique rear light design make it distinctive.

Regarding interior design, VOLVO EM90’s interior adopts a Scandinavian aesthetic design, emphasizing its high-quality travel experience.

In terms of smart driving, EM90 is equipped with an array of software and sensor driver assistance systems, including HD cameras, all-round view cameras, millimetre-wave radar, and ultrasonic sensors, further enhancing user confidence and control feel during driving.

In terms of charging, VOLVO EM90 has a bidirectional charging feature, which can serve as a mobile power station, capable of charging other electric vehicles and electrical appliances, further enriching VOLVO EM90’s practical functionalities.

In a nutshell, the launch of VOLVO EM90 signifies VOLVO’s innovative capabilities and accurate intuition to market demands. This not only represents a significant attempt by VOLVO in the MPV sector but also a crucial step forward on the path towards electrification. VOLVO has high market expectations for this.
In parallel with the launch of the VOLVO EM90, VOLVO has also announced its corporate development goal of achieving a comprehensive transition to electrification by 2030.

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