ROEWE D7 Is Gearing Up for Launch: What's New?

The ROEWE D7 has recently commenced pre-sales and announced exclusive launch benefits.

The ROEWE D7 includes both electric and DMH Super Hybrid versions which are set to officially launch tomorrow, namely November 8.

Currently, the ROEWE D7 has not only received considerable acknowledgement in the market but also snagged numerous prestigious industry awards due to its cutting-edge technology, including accolades from the 2023 China Heart Engine and Hybrid System Selection event.

This can largely be attributed to the debut DMH Super Hybrid system employed by the ROEWE D7 DMH, an ingenious system born out of over a decade of SAIC’s technological publicizing in plug-in hybrid technology.

The ROEWE D7 DMH implements the DMH Super Hybrid system, a 1.5L dedicated hybrid engine, along with high-efficiency long-range batteries, realizing a comprehensive mileage of 1,400 kilometers, significantly alleviating concerns regarding EV charging and travel range.

Regarding noise reduction, the ROEWE D7 DMH, through an innovative industry design where the engine and P1 motor share the same axis, has managed to reduce motor noise by 20 decibels.

Additionally, the ROEWE D7 series is equipped with a Cloud Lodge intelligent cabin, aiming to provide users a more comfortable driving experience.

In terms of seat design, large screen control, and Zebra Intelligent Vehicle System, the ROEWE D7 series heavily emphasizes detail optimization to ensure a pleasant vehicle experience.

In summary, as the inaugural product of the ROEWE ‘D’ series, the ROEWE D7 brings about an entirely new car ownership experience for mainstream consumer users with its core values of comfort, reliability, and exceptional value, as well as the competitive price of an ‘A’ class vehicle.

This article is a translation by AI of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email