Deepal Unveils New S7i and SL03i with Advanced Smart Solutions, Aiming for Better Driving Experience?

On November 6, DEEPAL Cars officially launched two new models, the all-new S7i and SL03i. Both vehicles are equipped with the newly released intelligent solutions by DEEPAL, with official prices ranging from 184,900 to 217,900 yuan (S7i), and 178,900 to 206,900 yuan (SL03i).

DEEPAL’s intelligent solution, DEEPAL AD, primarily focuses on three scenarios: high-speed driving, urban driving, and parking. It offers more than 20 functional configurations to optimize the driving experience.

In the scenario of high-speed driving, DEEPAL’s solutions can achieve automatic lane changing and deceleration, seamlessly dealing with complex road conditions such as construction, sharp turns, and accident vehicles. Moreover, in ramp processing, the system changes lanes ahead of time based on navigational information, providing a smooth driving experience on continuous twists and turns, successfully coping with merging and splitting traffic with an over 98% success rate.

In urban driving scenarios, DEEPAL’s solutions provide safety features such as omnidirectional automatic emergency braking, parking door opening warning, and lane-keeping assist to help users deal with traffic jams and emergencies. The minimum following stop distance is controlled at 2 meters, it can deal with over 97% of the instances of lane-cutting, improving the smoothness and comfort of driving.

This solution also offers a remote valet parking assist system, supporting over 150 parking scenarios, including in-car parking, remote intelligent parking, trace reversing, and more. This system possesses six major super parking capabilities, including automatic avoidance of irregular obstacles, automatic recognition of parking space locks, etc.

DEEPAL’s solutions have shown leading advantages in terms of intelligent driving safety, environmental perception, and decision-making capabilities. Meanwhile, DEEPAL Cars will gradually push the 2.0 version of its operating system ——DEEPAL OS 2.0, to users nationwide. This operating system introduces a new UI, new applications, and numerous function upgrades.

DEEPAL Cars firmly states that DEEPAL AD and DEEPAL OS will be continuously optimized to promote the development of the industry. They aim to enhance intelligent levels through the advancements in software and algorithms, offering users a better driving experience.

This article is a translation by AI of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email