SAIC-GM's New Digital Center: A Key Step in Transformation?

On November 8, 2023, SAIC General Motors Software and Digital Center was officially established in Pudong, Shanghai. This is a critical step in the digital transformation pursued by SAIC General Motors. The center is dedicated to the evolving industry requirements and consumer needs, serving as a platform integrating advantageous resources across the business chain. It is committed to driving the development, iteration, and localized application of cutting-edge intelligent network technology, delivering top-tier intelligent network services and digital experiences to customers.

In terms of automotive intelligent technology, establishing an integrated “cloud-pipe-terminal” system in response to the trend of “Scene Creating Value, Data Defining Experience, Software Defining Car” has been recognized as the industry’s direction. Based on the technology and business needs of the “cloud-pipe-terminal” model, the SAIC General Motors Software and Digital Center will build a vehicle-cloud cooperative organizational structure. This approach will accelerate the deeper integration of digitization, intelligence, and automotive technology. It aims to offer high-quality, diverse smart cockpit and intelligent driving experiences centered around consumer needs.

The emphasis on the expansion of new intelligent network technology development and application has been a focal point for SAIC General Motors in recent years. This will be showcased through the introduction of a new generation of VCS smart cabins, a new generation of SUPER CRUISE superior assisted driving systems, and large-scale on-board communication system OTA remote upgrades. These offerings provide customers with superior intelligent networking capabilities and digital experiences.

SAIC General Motors plans to invest up to 70 billion RMB in electrification and new intelligent network technology by 2025. The newly established Software and Digital Center is a crucial part of the company’s intelligent network strategy and is key to brand empowerment and value enhancement. The new center strives to create more value while actively exploring new business growth and profit models. It is expected to solidify the foundation for the company’s sustainable and high-quality future development.

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