Space-grade Tires Feature in Hyper SSR Release

On October 9, the first model, Hyper SSR, under the high-end luxury brand Hyper, owned by GAC Aion, was officially launched and delivered. As the inaugural vehicle of the high-end luxury brand Hyper under GAC Aion, as well as the first mass-produced supercar in China, the Hyper SSR stands out for its impressive performance on the track, including 0-100 km acceleration within 1.9 seconds, a two-speed four-in-one high-performance integrated electric drive, along with an output as high as 12,000 N・m peak wheel torque and maximum power reaching 1,225 hp.

Additionally, the aerospace-grade tires developed by the Hyper SSR team in collaboration with the ‘Domestically Made Large Aircraft’ C919 team, and the long-fiber carbon-ceramic brake discs made using aerospace technology, further enhance the vehicle’s handling performance and braking effect, allowing it to excel in various scenarios.

In terms of product design, the Hyper SSR supercar’s exterior design is 100% carbon fiber, resulting in a lightweight factor of only 1.72. The interior of the Hyper SSR features a hexagonal racing-style steering wheel, hand-wrapped stitching, plant-tanned eco-friendly real leather, along with the world’s first dual-drive self-sensing butterfly doors, providing an enhanced level of comfort for the driver.

The Hyper SSR offers three versions: the Standard, the Sprint, and the Ultimate Track Edition, with prices ranging from 1.286 million to 1.686 million yuan. Additionally, Hyper plans to establish the Hyper SSR Peak Club, offering various track activities and club events to provide Hyper SSR owners with a unique experience.

The release of the Hyper SSR underscores GAC Aion’s ambition and determination in the new energy vehicle market. With the success of Hyper SSR, GAC Aion aims to expand its influence in both the Chinese and global automotive markets.

This article is a translation by AI of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email