Volkswagen Lanjing: A New Large SUV with Spacious and Intelligent Features?

As a brand-new large SUV from Volkswagen, the Talagon impresses with its generous space allocation, robust performance across varying road conditions, and cutting-edge smart driving technology, delivering a driving experience that is comfortable, convenient, and safe.

The Talagon is built on the Volkswagen MQB41B platform, with a length of 5,152 mm and a wheelbase of 2,980 mm, making it the largest SUV in the Volkswagen lineup.

This gives the Talagon a distinct advantage in terms of space. With 104 mm of headroom, 1,523 mm of shoulder room, and 1,648 mm of elbow room, occupants enjoy ample space. Similarly, passengers in the second and third rows can also enjoy plenty of room.

Additionally, the seat design in the Talagon is flexible. The rear seats can be folded down to release up to 2,451 L of storage space to meet diverse travel needs.

Under the hood, the Talagon is equipped with a high-end German-imported EA390 V6 2.5T engine, sixth-generation BorgWarner-Haldex differential, and 4MOTION intelligent all-wheel drive system. This setup delivers a maximum power of 220 kW and peak torque of 500 Nm ensuring smooth driving while tackling different road conditions with ease.

In terms of intelligence, the Talagon’s total vehicle bus bandwidth has been upgraded from 500 K to 2 M, with core function module transmission efficiency reaching 100 M/s, making the Talagon’s driving support systems even more intelligent and its response speed faster. Moreover, the Talagon is outfitted with the W-HUD smart navigation head-up display system, IQ.DRIVE L2 + level autonomous driving assistance, PLA3.0 intelligent parking, and other high-end features, making driving safer and more comfortable.

On the safety front, 27% of the Talagon’s body is made of hot-formed ultra-high-strength steel, creating a sturdy skeletal structure that ensures the stability of the passenger compartment. Additionally, the vehicle is equipped with nine airbags, establishing comprehensive safety protection for all passengers.

With its comfortable space, powerful engine, and wealth of smart features,Sufficiently secure, providing a novel choice for family outings with Lanjing.

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