Ether the Future with ZEEKR: A Comprehensive Review What's 'Map-Free' in City Navigation-Assisted Driving? Up Close with tha Latest Tesla at Beijing's GIGA Store Era of Large Models: Future in Intelligent cockpits

It’s holiday time, with the Mid-Autumn Festival overlapping the Golden Week of National Day. Where are you planning to moon-gaze? But first, sit back, let’s review the week’s high-quality content from our community……

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@308 ‘s ten-thousand-word essay succinctly distills the long-term philosophy of the latecomer, ZEEKR. As the helmsman, An Conghui’s unwavering vigour, what kind of genes he has ingrained into ZEEKR 001?

The history of ZEEKR 001 >>

Speaking of “urban navigation assistance driving”, currently, everyone is adding to the coverage area while subtracting their dependence on high-precision maps. Crying out for the small goal of “usable nationwide” and “mapless”, the question is, “What is the meaning of mapless?” @Big Lazy has clarified.

“Mapless” Mini Course >>

@Dream Tortoise paid a visit to Tesla’s GIGA store in Tongzhou, Beijing a few days ago, sharing numerous images of the new Model Y inside and out, as well as the white body and motor. Praise and criticism alike, come have a look~

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Did you participate in 42Talk’s offline salon last Saturday? The theme shared by Sar Motor, “AI Cockpit in The Age of Large Models”, mentioned “how large models will empower the future of intelligent cockpit”, as said by Product Director Li Ke:

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Definitely yes, as long as Tesla’s price-slicing blade is swung, that’s when Tesla truly displays its competiveness.

Don’t rush to buy a car… It’ll end in regrets.

This topic reminds me of the time when Li Xiang revealed the launch of AITO M7 from Huawei in late 2022, which caught LI off guard, leading to an early halt of production of LI ONE and causing losses of billions. Finally, Li Xiang decided to instruct the team to learn from Huawei. The feud between the two has since been officially announced. Fast forward to Huawei’s autumn product launch on 25/9/2023 where they announced a daily order of 1500+ for the new AITO M7. Then came the announcement of AITO M9, the best SUV within 10 million, to be launched in December. Right after the Huawei conference ended, LI announced that they had reached a production volume of 500,000 units which was a remarkable achievement for a domestic automaker. The fierce competition between the two companies attracted a great deal of attention. However, their competitive games somehow started affecting other spectators in the field.

NIO was the first in line. LI and Huawei mainly compete in the 250-350K price range for home-use SUVs, which is a golden price range. LI and Huawei have L7 / L8 / M5/ M7 models, while NIO only has the ET5 series and low-end ES6 series in this price range. In other words, if consumers have this budget, they would rather choose a LI or Huawei model which have fully-fledged configurations, saving the time to research and compare specs. Also, their range-extended cars also have sufficiently large battery capacity, enough for a family’s daily city and suburban travel. The upcoming AITO M9 is also going to compete directly with LI’s L9 and will probably capture the consumers in the 450-600K budget range. As a result, the sales of the brand-new ES8 from NIO might not look good in the short term. Although there isn’t a major conflict between range-extended cars and battery-swapping EVs, there is only a limited pool of potential consumers. If more consumers choose Huawei or LI, naturally fewer people will consider NIO.Then we have Xpeng. Despite its lackluster sales among new energy vehicle makers, Xpeng is betting heavily on its newly launched 2024 G9 model, which carries two trump cards – a 800V silicon carbide platform and the XNGP autonomous driving system. However, LI is also set to debut its own 800V MEGA model, its first all-electric vehicle, by the end of the year. The scene is set for an end-of-year showdown between LI’s L9 and MEGA models and AITO’s M9 model partnered with Huawei. AITO is no pushover – it’s rumored to be working on an all-electic version of the M9, expected to consolidate its EV know-how. We know Huawei has continuously been improving its intelligent driving capabilities over the lengthy term. Media tests have confirmed that Huawei’s ADAS is no less competent than Xpeng’s XNGP, thus rendering potential buyers of Xpeng’s G6 MAX or G9 MAX prone to switching allegiance – which ultimately chips away at Xpeng’s sales numbers. As another saying goes, when the gods fight, Xpeng might be the third party that suffers.

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