Can DENZA N7 with NVIDIA DRIVE Orin Platform reshape smart driving?

On September 26, at the DENZA N7 Intelligent Communication Conference, DENZA Auto officially announced that all models can optionally install the new generation NVIDIA DRIVE Orin platform, further enhancing the intelligence of the DENZA N7 and paving the way for high-speed smart driving.

Specifically, based on the new generation NVIDIA DRIVE Orin platform, DENZA Auto introduced the optional High-Speed Smart Driving package, which further improves the smart driving capabilities of the DENZA N7. At the same time, the package serves as the commencement of DENZA Auto’s second half of intelligent achievement.

NVIDIA is a global leader in AI computing, reigning over the technological plateau of smart chips. Its dominance is clear in graphical processing units (GPUs), artificial intelligence (AI), high-performance computing (HPC), and autonomous driving. The cooperation between DENZA Auto and NVIDIA aims to boost the intelligent driving capabilities of the DENZA N7 model and cater to the driving needs of more users.

It has been known that all DENZA N7 models can optionally install the DENZA Pilot Advanced Smart Driving package or the High-Speed Smart Driving package. The latter is equipped with the NVIDIA DRIVE Orin chip, enhancing assisted driving intelligence and making high-speed travel more relaxed. The High-Speed Smart Driving package offers more than 30 intelligent driving assistant features, addressing the three main difficulties faced by users in daily commuting.

The DENZA N7 boasts two endurance versions of 702km and 630km, along with a 230kW dual-gun supercharging technology. This allows it to replenish a 350km charge in just 15 minutes, effectively reliving users’ range anxiety and meeting their weekly travel needs.

The launch of the High-Speed Smart Driving package with a value of 380 million equity rights showcases DENZA Auto’s determination to accelerate global advanced driver-assistance systems and guide the transformation of the luxury car market towards new energy.

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