Smart's New Tech Roadmap -- Smart Pilot Assist 3.0 and Immersive Cabin Experience

Recently, Yang Jun, the Vice President of R&D of the global corporation of the Smart brand, along with his R&D team, made public Smart’s latest research findings and future plans in the realm of intelligent driving and smart cockpit technologies during their open day for R&D inspirations. Smart plans to launch Smart Pilot Assist 3.0, an intelligent driving assist system, and opt for NVIDIA DRIVE Orin as the centralized computing platform for its new models by 2025. Moreover, Smart will be the first in the world to equip its vehicles with the AMD V2000 cockpit chipset and a lightweight Hypervisor system, providing users an immersive intelligent cockpit experience.

In the intelligent driving sector, Smart plans to tread a three-step intelligent driving route guided by technology, driven by innovation, and achieved in collaboration. By the end of the year, Smart will launch a new version of Pilot Assist 2.0 and aims to release an upgraded 3.0 version before 2025. This system will use NVIDIA DRIVE Orin as the centralized computing platform for its latest models, and Smart has already partnered with cloud vendors to set up an intelligent driving data center in Ulanqab.

In the smart cockpit sector, Smart will become the first new energy vehicle (NEV) brand worldwide to adopt the AMD V2000 chip, which performs calculations at double the speed of the high-end Snapdragon 8295 chip. In combination with a lightweight Hypervisor system and an updated electrical architecture, it significantly increases the speed of software operation.

Additionally, Smart’s R&D team has applied for more than 1200 patents and has achieved several firsts domestically in the aspect of EU whole vehicle type certification, including R155 network security certification and R156 software update certification, making it fully compliant with EU market requirements.

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