Geely's Off-Road Micro EV, Panda Knight: The Future?

On September 15th, Geely officially launched their new fully-electric model, the Panda Knight. The new car is priced at 53,900 yuan, with a special time-limited offer at 49,900 yuan.

The Panda Knight is the industry’s first micro SUV with integrated fast and slow charging. It features various off-road elements in its design and supports multiple charging methods, including commercial fast charging pylons, commercial slow charging pylons, home charging pylons, and portably in-car charging guns, enabling it with exceptional passability.

The new vehicle is equipped with an 8-inch control screen and a 9.2-inch Lively Color Instrument panel, as well as skin-friendly, moderately firm leather seats. In terms of color combinations, the new car body has three color options, namely, ‘Tan White’, ‘Unworried Green’, and ‘Active Brown’, with interior colors ‘Bold Green’ and ‘True White’ for a beautiful contrast.

Tech-wise, the new Panda Knight model is equipped with a 22 kW DC fast charge and 3.3 kW AC slow charge. Under an environment of 25°C, using a commercial fast charging pylon, it can charge from 30% to 80% within half an hour. The model is fitted with a 17.03 kW・h Lithium iron phosphate battery pack, with motor efficiency of 96.5%, providing a maximum torque of 110 N・m and a range of up to 200 km on a single charge.

As a city car, the Panda Knight is compact, with dimensions of 3,135 * 1,565 * 1,655 mm, wheelbase of 2,015 mm, and a minimum turning radius of just 4 m. Equipments like independent McPherson suspensions ensures stability at high speeds and reduces pressure while driving and parking.

Safety-wise, the new car boasts a cage-style body design and is fitted with an array of active safety features including the ABS anti-lock braking system, EBD electronic brake force distribution, launch assist functionality, and a comprehensive BMS battery management system, all of which guarantees driver safety.

The new car also comes with smart configuration options like wireless connectivity and remote control, including a variety of APP remote control functions like remote car location tracking, status inquiry, remote air conditioning control, and more, providing major convenience.

This article is a translation by ChatGPT of a Chinese report from 42HOW. If you have any questions about it, please email