Key Takeaways from the Interview with NVIDIA VP Danny Shapiro

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In this week’s recap, we have some familiar faces and new ones. In the “Best Selection” section, there are three pieces that I highly recommend for you all. Don’t hesitate to share your comments and perspectives O(∩_∩)O. In the “Selected Comments” section, see who thinks alike with you.

Best Original Article:

“Rather than strive for instant results, we seek a relentless long-termism”. This is NVIDIA’s approach to the smart driving business. During the recent Munich Motor Show, my colleague @Head of Reporting Team 308 interviewed Mr. Danny Shapiro, Deputy General Manager of NVIDIA Automotive Division. They discussed ‘market cooperation and competition’, ‘computing power and technology’, and ‘the helmsman Jensen Huang’.

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I was genuinely stunned by the content from @Duck Grandpa. He recorded in detail his self-driving journey from Shanghai to Guangzhou. He will start from Guangzhou next week and drive to Yunnan. We look forward to more of his quality sharing, taking us to tour virtually!

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Remember the following keywords: Huawei ADS2.0 advanced smart driving, no graphics no truth! The first test nationwide, full distance over 70 kilometers with only 3 interventions. Now answer the question: Who got shocked?

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Selected Comments

Just how significant is the strategic value behind NIOPhone? Is it merely a mobile gadget designed for car keys?

Definitely optimistic. It’s evident why the neighboring L series have been successful; other than boasting an engine, their biggest advantage lies in the vehicle size. Xpeng still needs to develop a full-size SUV based on G9 in order to cater to the Chinese’s demand for more spacious vehicles.

I can’t quite grasp the concept of the hatchback, it already looks like a very boxy car; does the owner really care if the design is appealing? Maybe it’s about wind-resistance and energy consumption or the importance of rear space in an MPV. If it’s only about design, I’d rather go for an SUV.

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