CCAG Launches Its Leap into Digital Intelligent Era

On August 27th, “Digital Intelligence and Beautiful Transition” themed Changan Kaizhao Day was held at Changan Science Park in Chongqing, the new energy brand of Changan Automobile – Changan Kaizhao was officially launched, symbolizing a new stage of Changan Automobile’s entry into the digital intelligent era.

Changan Kaizhao Automobile, as the culmination of Changan Automobile’s transition to the digital automotive era, plays a role in leading industrial change and propelling Changan Automobile to become a smart low-carbon mobility technology company with the power of digital intelligence. Zhu Huarong, chairman of Changan Automobile, stated that Changan Kaizhao Automobile will achieve brand transition for Changan on the track of the new digital intelligent vehicle, and it is expected that by 2030, Changan Automobile will invest 200 billion yuan in setting up a technological innovation team to create a world-class automobile brand. Among them, the Changan brands will reach 4 million vehicles, and Changan Kaizhao is expected to reach 1.5 million vehicles.

The surge of new energy vehicles is reshaping the global automotive industry landscape, and the strong rise of Chinese automotive brands in this revolution of mobility has captured global market attention. In response to this, Changan Kaizhao follows the industry development trend, launching the new energy “Shangri-La” plan, the intelligent “Beidou Tianzheng” plan, and the global “Hainabichuan” plan.

Changan Kaizhao Automobile will be based on the SDA new architecture for digital intelligence support, and will embrace a strategic mission of new brand development with the values ​​of innovation, openness, and inclusiveness. Centered on the positioning of “new digital intelligent evolution vehicle”, it will introduce new technologies, new functions, and new experiences to make cars the helpers of life and work, providing an exclusive space of warmth, comfort, and safety. It is expected that by 2025, Changan Kaizhao will launch 10 new digital and intelligent evolution vehicles worldwide.

For smart services, Changan Kaizhao will enhance service quality and provide more professional and convenient services. It will create proactive intelligent services that cover users’ entire lifecycle, provide comprehensive ecological services, and meet users’ needs in step with the times. In terms of design aesthetics, Changan Kaizhao will present a design that expresses a vision that is open, confident, and friendly, elegant and refined, and digitally intelligent. This will allow users to continually feel pride, pleasure, and accomplishment throughout the entire process of using the product.

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